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General information[edit | edit source]

Flashback: Surface Expedition[edit | edit source]

You need to collect data from environment monitors - reaching the last two of them will require finding rope + grappling hook and a lever to move rocks. The hook is in the trunk of the car (use it on the eastern ladder) and the lever is a fallen road sign. It takes a few tries to move aside the rocks on the ledge. You can select any branch of the following dialogue - the game will not be affected by this. You can skip the prologue altogether by telling the doctor you are afraid to leave the vault.

Vault City[edit | edit source]

Science 50 allows you to discover your true medical history on the computer behind the doctor.

You can ask the doctor for a stimpak or First Aid Kit (requires less than 35 maximum health).

You can also get a stimpak by hacking the terminal facing the vault door (Science 25+).

No special skills are required to convince the shy citizen to venture outside the vault.

A nosy guard gives you the task of spying on a vault couple: you just need to find and speak with them.

Sgt. Stark gives a task regarding Gerlach Community.

If you talk to Harold and then Stark (or both), Harold will tell you about Richard Moreau and The Hub. After this conversation, the vault doctor will give you a quest to retrieve mutated blood. (There is a pig rat in Vault City; coyotes and geckos are often found nearby in random encounters). Upon returning with the samples, the doctor will teach you how to treat infection at campfires. Outdoorsman reduces the effects of infection on the player.

Peter Graves at the correctional center gives main quests.

Sam returns your belongings (including a key quest item) and gives you the "Special Warehouse Assignment" quest, which will take a very long time to complete. Also, if you steal a magazine from him, then you can get an interesting dialogue, during which you can gain additional experience if you convince him to touch himself. The experience is given in two portions, and to get the second portion you need Charisma (higher than 2, but 6 is enough). After that, you can blackmail him (-5 karma) to get a fuse. You can't get a fuse from both Stark and Sam.

At the maintenance center, Joshua gives you a quest to find a rogue robot. It can be found to the west near Opal Mine, but to get to it you will need a stick of dynamite, which is in a locked house at the southern zone Wasteland. A computer in Joshua's office increases Outdoorsman skill by 3% and reveals the location of the nuclear power plant. The game's first workbench can be found in this area.

If you play darts, you will gain 5% Throwing if current skill is less than 90%. Bonus experience if you score more than 40 points.

At Opal Mine you can find a holodisk (give to Joshua for decoding), an underground ghoul - it is worth talking to him more carefully (requires 9 Intelligence to uncover his full history), a robot for Joshua's quest and a pig rat for the mutated blood quest.

Use the outhouse pot at the entrance to this locality if you have at least 7 luck. You'll get poisoned, but can find useful items (including a dynamite stick or a Molotov cocktail to destroy the nearby bolted door).

Black Rock[edit | edit source]

William will tell you that Jay Kukish passed through here.

You can pick a fight with Mike in the bar (preferably with Unarmed 60% or more). After that, you can buy a power fist from him. $3500, or $2500 with Barter 60. It's expensive, but it's the only one for a long time. If you lose, Mike can train you in Unarmed by 3% ($200). Winning grants bonus experience.

To treat Jasmine, first ask old man Jed, who will tell you about nightshade berries. When you find the berries (found at vendors, drug dealers, and growing on tall green plants), Jed will tell you how to craft Blood Purifier for treatment. It takes Doctor/Science 30. You will also receive a bonus poison recipe Horsekiller.

To remove the collars from the slaves, you need a Traps skill of 35. Keeping at least one collar will be useful for crafting a unique power fist later. If you sell all the collars, you can get more later from dead slaves or a certain special encounter.

To deal with the missing brahmin, start with the kid who guarded them. With 25 Speech, he'll tell you he fell asleep. You can also hear this from Jasmine. Then you need to inspect the fence (hunt for the pixel with your mouse). Then examine the brahmin's remains and ask Justin about the bullets. Then talk to Bolt and decide how to proceed.

To search for Milo you first need to go to Gerlach and talk to his wife. There will be a note on her desk (a bug can occur where you can't reach the note). Then go back to the undertaker in Black Rock and convince him to spill everything. You need either bad karma, Speech 45, ST 8, or good reputation in the settlement. Then you should talk to Eugene (Speech 25+) before you take the quest. If you then use a walkie-talkiet, there will be another quest (where you can find a little free nightshade), after which William will reward you with an upgradeable energy pistol (?).

For the next part of the quest activate the radio and go to the signal. There'll be raiders waiting for you at the cave entrance, and caravans inside. You can kill the caravaneers or lure them to the raiders. Or kill the raiders instead and then the merchants will appear in BR (every 10th day) and trade in different trifles. It is also possible to bypass the caravaneers - the console will say "there's a fresh breeze blowing" - you need to hug the wall in order to find a hidden exit. You can also poison the raiders' stew pot - you need to click on the fire and apply either one Horsekiller vial or three radscorpion tails. Wait in the cave for the poison to take effect.

After recovering from infection Jasmine asks you to help her find a boyfriend. There is a special dialogue here for Gravediggers, but normal Speech can be used on the undertaker as well.

Gerlach[edit | edit source]

There is a man here being burned at the stake. If you save him using Speech (65+) or player age (35+), Gerlach will offer a modified submachine gun as reward for repairing the pump. If you let them burn the guy (or just leave the site and come back in a couple of days), Gerlach will offer several different "guns" to choose from.

Once rescued, Steve will upgrade leather jackets and/or fix the water tank in Lovelock. If asked for payment, his sister will point out a stash of items behind Gerlach's house (shovel required).

To repair Gerlach's water pump, you need either scrap metal (Repair 30+) or a fuse that can acquired in Vault City (this will save you from having to buy one in New Reno).

The hunter Evan will teach you how to hunt Geckos and eventually teach you Gecko Skinning. If you ask him about the traps during the first hunt, he'll increase your Traps skill by 5%. His quests are tied to using a hunting whistle. In the egg chamber (second quest), you can find a torn jacket, which, with the help of a workbench and the skin of a silver gecko, can be turned into a normal leather jacket (Repair 35+). Up to half the geckos in the cave can be killed without failing the quest.

Afterward Evan will mention the existence of a legendary scorpion out in the wastes. This tough critter has high hitpoints and deals a lot of damage plus poison. Kiting backwards while firing energy weapons is a viable takedown strategy. Slaying the beast yields 500 XP and an armor crafting component.

Should you choose to move the settlers to Vault City later, make sure to do the Black Rock quest involving Milo first. To persuade the residents to move you need good reputation or Speech 70+. Trapper Evan will stay behind regardless.

Lovelock[edit | edit source]

Lovelock - Tribals[edit | edit source]

The first quest is to clear the fields of carnivorous plants. Go west and kill all five. There's a shepherd next door who offers an unknown... Price depends on barter skill (150$ for barter skill 50 and 10$ for barter skill 300). You can trade it for a regular leather jacket, but you're gonna have to take it easy. He sells a toaster that will be useful for crafting a unique power fist. He also has a broken laser pistol, which you can repair at a workbench. He can also be talked into "lending" you his spear.

There's a lift bridge next to the shepherd, which can be fixed using rope. There are planks next to the house, so you need to lift them up with strength of 6 or more. And if you don't have the strength, you can ask the shepherd to help you (with good town reputation). They will complete the repairs (40). There's nothing very important in the cabin, but it's a nice bonus to start the game. Rope is in the basement of the raiders.

To fix the tank you will need scrap metal and a welding machine (available in the Wind of War and at nuclear power plants). You can also talk the technician into New Reno - he will fix it for you (there is a chance that he will not come back later). Or ask the freed water pump watchman in Gerlach, if you saved him.

Znakhar will give a quest to find a backpack with herbs - it is at the raider Forsazhnik, who will wager you for it (Luck 10 and 100% Gambling does not guarantee a win). Or you could kill him.

There's a warrior near the food shed, and his friend, Silent River, is missing. You can find him at Luciano Ranch in New Reno. Buy or escape (requires sabotage or Science skills and clothing. A leather jacket stolen from the dryer's ropes and stolen from raiders is ideal for this role). Go back to the hunter after the rescue and get a metal and cold +5%.

After saving the Quiet River, you can talk about hunting together. For this you will get a spear and the skill of freshening the gecko (it's easier than quests Evana).

It takes a lot of things to cure McCons. So, before you start talking about it, gather everything you need. You need clean water, a scalpel (or a war knife or knife), a first-aid kit or doctor's suitcase, pliers and two stimulants. And we need to take a shaman test.

Answers: the small intestine, was not affected by any vital organ, digests food, a few weeks, rinses with moonshine, lowers perception, breaks.

Then there will be tests on the characteristics: agility, perception, endurance, to be healthy, not irradiated, not poisoned and not dependent on drugs.

For successful treatment, the doctor's skills will be improved by 5%. Keep in mind that there are several treatment outcomes that depend on the set of tools available, the doctor's skill, and the success of the doctor's skill test (not just his level).

You can also tell the healer that scientific methods are no worse than his homeopathy, which will improve your doctor's skills. Doctor or first aid 40. First aid +5%.

At some point, the leader will become taciturn about raiders, if you perform quests Big Louis (namely, at the time of handing over the suitcase on the "courier" quest). You can only talk to him again by killing all the raiders (not poison).

With a high reputation and strength of 7, you can fight with the hunter who accompanied you through the village. He can also improve your Outdoorsman skill.

It is also possible to access the radio station Lovelock when the reputation is high.

The raider base can be neutralized in two ways:

- kill'em'all;

- poison the water tank. To do that, examine the tank and apply three doses of Horsekiller poison. Only Big Louis will survive if you don't send him to Vegas. (With poison, there is a small but useful bug. "Tricks Nevada" reference at the beginning).

A tribal shaman can be conversed with by the graves at night. The rest of the time, he won't want to talk. He also doesn't speak to raiders.

Lovelock - Raiders[edit | edit source]

If your karma is more than 250 (you need less) then most of the Raiders' quests will be closed. Simply Big Louis will not give you a chance to join their gang. In the building you go up stairs and talk to him. After a short conversation you'll go straight into the ring. Small advice: go to Big Louis as soon as you arrive to Lovelock (most likely you won't have too much karma or take a perk, which turns karma) and join his gang. You don't need to do all the quests before reaching 250 karma. Big Louis won't chase you away and won't mind even if karma is more than 1000.

The best way to make a normal deal with raiders is to send in the forest someone who "catches" you. He's gonna come after you, but he's not gonna fight. And there's no better chance of being in the ring if you want their quests.

With Forsazhnik you can play not only on the witch doctor's things, but also win hard (300% of the game and 10 luck always win). The difficulty grows after each victory (get experience for each victory). Also it is possible to redeem for a hundred or to receive through bed (female floor, charisma 5) If to receive things through bed Forsazhnik, for some reason, then will lie under the table at once it is possible and not to notice :-)

The witch doctor's belongings can be picked up in a cheaper and simpler way. (and make your life easier on the whole). It takes a few manipulations to do that. To begin with, stealing a deck of stolen cards from the Forsazhnik (it is this deck that increases the level of his play), I have taken a few overloads. Then, you have to put in a regular deck of cards (there are cards in the same location), without any cards, [[The Faith Boy] refuses to play, complaining that someone stole the cards from him, and he refuses to play your cards for fear that they are stolen from you. Voila. Next, it's a matter of technique, a few downloads and you'll win the witch doctor's things, and you've managed to win a few more things (before psycho). Luck level 5, gambling level 14%, theft level 20%.

As long as Fatty Jackson goes to the bathroom, you can drain the liquor from the liquor cabinet.

Mould can be drunk with moonshine. Then he's gonna demand all sorts of drugs, and then he's gonna die. First the alcohol, then the healing powder, the antismoker and the psycho. Before the psycho, you can pick up his gun (and karma will be billed for delivering drugs to him).

There's a fence in the upper right corner of the location. If you have a high power, you can disassemble it partially and get access to the stash that Fatty Jackson, Zhiryuga says (you can blow up the fence with explosives with a timer or break a tire iron). On the left, you can steal a leather that dries on a rope. But it's worse than usual in quality.

There are some useful things in the basement, including a box opener (if you keep it near the box, you can see that things appear in it at random.... you can get the ones you need more. Works for any such box).

On the second floor of the table (not the one that protects Big Louis) there is a recipe called Mickey's Revenge. There are dice there for those who like to make fun of the casino.

If we poison the raiders, Big Louis will walk on the first floor and kick them. But if you talk to him - he can give his quest, then attack or you will get into the ring, where there will be a lot of live raiders (talk will not be if you talked to him earlier).

Big Louis' quests[edit | edit source]

If you decide to talk to Big Louis peacefully, you'll have to lay out the money before that, or he'll take it away. He also takes away lighters and some other things.

The first quest of Big Louis is to rob the Hawthorne military base. There's nothing particularly complicated about it(hint: sneak your way in to the hangar 9,get down stairs there you will find a computer in reactor room which you can disable all turrets in the area or kill all the turrets with scoped Hunting Rifle)

The second quest is to shake off Stryker and the tribute is to be made by( Small Weapons, Unarmed or Speech 60), otherwise you will be sent away. Alternative way of completing the quest is to kill the Stryker (but this gives you only 500 exp).

The third quest is to deal with Maxon at New Reno. A gatekeeper(little boy near the caravans) for $50 or threats can give a tip. Then you need to interview the caravan people (he is the bald guy) - when you have Perception of 5, you'll find out in one of them Maxon. The next choice is to kill him or help him escape. But he'll only believe you if you've got five or Speech 25. We're gonna need a shotgun. Maxon has a unique weapon, "Maxon's cut" is very good, especially for starters. According to the characteristics as "Shotgun" (improvement "Shotgun"), only Maksonovsky's cartridges in the cage are not 2(two) but 5(five).

You need Maxson's shotgun in order to prove Big Louis the he is dead

The fourth quest is to kill the courier. It's very simple. But the suitcase can be given not Big Louis, but Bertolini (see New Reno), on what Big Louis will be offended, and the quest itself will suspend any further quests.

The fifth quest is to kill Solomon the dealer (he is in the building behind the Eldorado Casino). There are several options: either pay the any dealer 1000 or with the Strength of 9 or with unarmed fight 90 to arrange a meeting. Or you can ask the ringleader about the honesty of the fights and with the bribe of 100 he will give you another lead. Then talk to the Rider, he will give a quest to find the points (they are at the bartender Burlesca), after receiving the points will tell you how to contact Solomon. Doctor 50 and Speech 80 will allow you to learn about Solomon without a quest, you need to talk to a man in a green shirt in the slums (room with two children). Solomon himself is in the room adjacent to Cotton's bar - the entrance through the slums. With an intelligence of 10, you can get to know him that way.

If you ask him, he'll tell you when he speaks eloquently, that he's got some shit to plant Stryker. Speech 70 or Doctor 45 will allow to persuade him to amputate his finger relatively peacefully (only if you use the skill of conversation, not the doctor, the chemist will raise the price of his goods). Last quest award - money, experience and rank. The raider's title will piss off the caravaneers at New Reno, and you won't be able to send Nuka Cola through caravans yet.

After the last quest, Big Louis] you can add it to the Hard Rock Cafe. If you send him there, his place on the second floor will be taken by Zhyvorez, who will offer to remove his boss (can be poisoned). For a murder he will give you $5000 ($6000 for a Barter of 50), and you will also lose your title (but the raider will stay with all the ensuing ones). We can talk to Big Louis, he'll make a counteroffer and give $1,000 for the poison. Next, you can poison Zhivorez or shoot all the raiders (which will give a better ending to Cheyenne).

The murder of Big Louis has a negative impact on the end of the game, except in the case described above.

Lovelock - Radio Station[edit | edit source]

The hardest part is accessing this place. Raiders don't know about it (except The Fanfarera, but it asks for $300), and the tribe needs to be persuaded or intimidated (if you're a raider). Or you can turn on the radio for tribe locations and you can find the radio station yourself. Only first we need to know if it's available at Hawthorne.

It's all elementary, just scrap metal to fix the generator. Then don't forget to take the key card from the table, which will open all the doors.

To crack the door to the administrative premises you need Science 75 (or a password from a computer that is being repaired 75), for the rest of the doors there is a master card key card (high hacking skill/electronic pick allows you to crack the door and so on). The briefcase from the safe should be taken to Sergeant Graves for experience.

To use the computer, you need to fix the second generator in the ants room. But he won't be able to contact Bikers.

Hawthorne[edit | edit source]

In the first location "Railway Station" there is nothing particularly interesting. Except for the pliers above the workbench, they'll be useful.

On the second "Dead City" there are big rats (no, unreasonable) and you can "play" on the machines with the help of repair (you need an instrument - pliers at the right time. But will do and mount).

There's a corpse of a miner in the building, who's very welcome at New Reno. Take a note from the body, even if there's no quest, then it'll come in handy. There's a broken robot next to the body. It can be repaired (requires Science) and it will open some of the traps.

On the garrison territory, you can turn off the turrets by means of a shield, which hangs on the corner of the building. If you don't get cocky, you won't even need secrecy. Or you can just shoot them if you have the skills.

On the computer, you can disable the second floor security by Science near the entrance to the building.

The field is switched off by repair or Science, or by explosives with a timer.

In the locker on the second floor is the dress uniform - it should be given to the general in the BBC. The door next to the locker breaks out in combat mode with a tie rod (or explodes). And you'll find her the best gun to start with. And you can give it to the general, too. In one of the warehouses of the next location you can find large-caliber cartridges - all for the same general.

The computer on the second floor is needed on the quest plot (one of the ways) and on the quest of General VV. It also contains information about the radio station in Lovelock.

In the last location - "Hangar V9" - raiders will leave you - do not want to climb under the turrets. We can ask one of them to help us climb over the fence. You can also tie a rope or get into a hole in a fence - but near a hole in a mine and turret very close. And there already roundabout ways on roofs and warehouses to come inside of the bunker (it is necessary to notice that even breaking of 100 % gives only 25 % of chance to open some locks on base). The bunker itself will only have a very thick robot, which can be lured to the bare wire (first you need to turn on the switch) (if you wear rubber boots in the inventory, the current from the wire will almost not beat you), which will facilitate the fight. Nearby you can find a red map that opens the farthest door, where you can disable the turrets around the hangar.

There's a C-4 in the warehouse that you can find on Wright's quest.

In the bunker on the table there is a part for Power Armor - the Central Processor. There's a Signal Jammer on the second table that's needed in the story. There's a key card to the reactor in the room in the table. In the reactor room itself, you can only shut down the reactor.

New Reno[edit | edit source]

Reno gangs[edit | edit source]

]]If you want to access the maximum number of quests, then use this order: Bertolini (fail the last quest) and / or Luciano (do not pass the last quest or acquire the reputation title), Wright (Uranium City will suffer a little bit), then Thompson or Stryker, your choice (details below), but they seem to give 1 quest each, if performed in parallel. Big Louis doesn't really affect New Reno.

Silver Legacy Hotel[edit | edit source]

The number of quests in New Reno is crazy.

If you've killed raiders, you'll be met by a survivor outside the hotel. You can kill him or convince him in different ways.

Barter 40 in the shop of caravan gets you experience for the description of trading situations.

With the Thief perk, store prices will be 10% higher. If you become one of the approximations, the prices will go down. Slum hero status will also give you a 10% discount, if you became a Sheriff in Uranium City then another 10% discount.

With Barter 30, the kid greeter will tell you about a thief's stash. The cache is to the left of the entrance to the location. There's a burning barrel and a tire. The stash is in the tire.

If you're a raider, you won't see the stagecoach, but with Strength 9 or Unarmed 70 you can squeeze a little experience from Tuco.

On the second floor of the Silver Legacy, there's a schematic for a doctor's bag. Key to the room can be stolen.

There's a guy on the second floor of the Silver Legacy with a cat's foot in his inventory. There's an interesting dialogue If you steal it.

At the bar, you can chat with the person at the counter and get a beer and experience. You need karma +50.

The guy in the leather by the slot machines. It takes 40 or 50 Science to complete his quest. It's gonna take some time to get through. There are several ways to go about it: 1) suggest a formula; 2) talk to Mordino; 3) persuade to change the machine.

Harding (a man in one of the slum rooms) will talk about missionary Patrick and indirectly give a quest to help himself. You need a high level of Doctor and you're gonna have to run. To take the quest, you need to talk to the residents of the neighboring house, Harding, and then with Patrick. You need Science and Doctor 35. After that you have to go back to Harding with a nightclub ticket (you can steal it in the slums near El Dorado or ask Mom, the hostess of the club).

Metal Detector[edit | edit source]

The Gate family lives in the room next door, which gives a quest to find a prospector. Hawthornee (see Hawthorne) has the body of the same miner. If you don't complete the Wright quest, this one will be available.

After the note is delivered (see Hawthorne), you will be sent to look for a partner of Robert, named Mark. In order to find him, you will have to go to a nearby location (Eldorado) and interview the victim's family - they are easy to recognize - the rest of you will talk politely. If you have the Speech of 80, you can agree with them, if not, then you need to go to the neighbors of the Mark family, who will tell you what and how. After that, you must go to Miss Gate's office, or else the quest will hang in part. After that, Mark can be found in Black Rock at the bar. It is possible to offer him for you to perform the contract for him and to receive the metal detector and the quest for C4 (see [[Hawthorne]). If the widow doesn't want to complete the quest - you'll have to do a Wright quest in Uranus City, then bring him c-4 (and say that the miners have done the job, otherwise you won't see any more Miss Gate), and then go back to the widow and get the upgrade of the metal detector (without upgrading, you're tormented with it). The upgrade can be installed on the workbench (repair 40, Science 30).

In the slums you can find the widow Clover, who is shaken up by the administrators of the Eldorado casino for debts. Her debt can be repaid or cancelled with a cigarette case. A cigarette case can be stolen from Wright or removed from the body Stryker and Тhompson. If you become a Bertolini consigliere, you can convince the administrator to forgive the debt.

The guy in the blue pants outside the bar will give you a can of food. After the autopsy, it's worth three skins off him.

A walkie-talkie or metal detector near the hotel can be used to find the entrance to the sewerage system (you need a rope). There's a rumble of misery in there. What to do with him - you decide - his family in the slums near the entrance. If you pass the bullet to the man, you will get a gas overalls, which will be needed for the armor, but it turns out in other ways and a unique cold weapon ... although a weak one is called a "metal bar" if you tell your wife that you get a bullet lighter and +5 karma. After that, if you kill a bullet, you can pick up his "unique weapon", but there will be no gas mask overalls.

There's a homeless guy outside the hotel asking for food. If you feed him, he will give +5 karma and will be able to tell you how to catch a graffiti bully. Next to it there is a broken car, if you look for a metal detector near it you can find a unique 10mm gun "Outdated Colt 6520".

In the hotel you can ask the porter who ruined all the walls - you will be given a quest to find an art hooligan. Between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m., there's gonna be a kid walking by the wall. After he hits the wall, we need to talk to him and take him to the hotel. After that, you decide what happens to him. The best option (intellect 5) is to make him draw a corporate graffiti. Then Street Dog (he'll be at the Eldorado) can paint your car.

Also, the porter will give a quest to repair the hood (it is on the second floor in one of the rooms) Repair 40.

At night, you can find flashing lights all over New Reno (and in other cities). If you fix them, you'll get a little experience (you'll keep it to yourself). The prostitutes will give you a discount for fixing the lanterns near them.

Eldorado[edit | edit source]

If you kill Тhompson, you can't go peacefully to Bertolini.

Quests Bertolini[edit | edit source]

Level 7 or recommendation from the casino manager is required to access quests.

The first quest is to deliver a message to Canary. He's a hobo near Luciano's ranch. You can rat to Machete instead if you want.

The second quest is to break up the restaurant and the casino. The easiest way to do that is by booby-trapping a wagon that's gonna show up in front of the Silver Legacy. You need dynamite, plastique, scorpion's tail, or Horsekiller poison. Set the timer and slip it in stealth mode. You can use alcohol on the guard to make stealth easier.

The third quest is to ruin the ranch. We need to light (we need a lighter) a barrel in the warehouse. The warehouse is a big building with a locked door. The lighter can be found at the Silver Hotel location. Or you can poison a drinking bowl for brahmins (more karma reduction).

Fourth quest, follow Huey. It's up to you to decide what to do. But if you don't kill the mole, Bertolini will attack you (or just kick you out if you speak 50). If you kill the mole or force Huey, you'll be a Bertolini consigliere. Thompson will approve, but Stryker will be furious.

White jazz man[edit | edit source]

If a male character, then in a dialogue with Cotton's bartender will be the question of an empty scene. It's the beginning of a quest about a jazz band. You need Charisma 7 to continue the quest. Ornett Trumpet is a guy in a red shirt in a slum. He needs the Trumpet that Wright has. Stealing or piercing your way is your choice, of course, you can buy it, but it's not our choice, but you can talk... It's easy to bypass and clean all the cabinets at night in Wright's privacy mode. Ornett will talk about the rest of the participants. Near one of the entrances (where the bars) is a homeless man who likes to play the drums (cans). If you don't regret $10, you'll need it again. Guitarist Charles (Silver's slums) demands a reputation in the slums. Patrick's quests will be enough. Now the jazz band is here. All we have to do is convince Тhompson not to skin the bartender's three skins. To do this, you need Barter 75 or kill everyone there, or agree to unfavorable conditions :) . Concerts are scheduled for specific days, so look carefully at the calendar. Before the concert you can type in the name of the jazz band, but it will not affect anything. Instead of the third concert, there's gonna be a bartender hit-and-run. We need to talk to him, then Ornette, to find out who did this. The culprit can be persuaded to become a vocalist instead of you by Speech 75 (or kissing his ass). Or with the intelligence of 7 to learn a lot of interesting things, but then again you will need Speech 75 or a kiss in the ass. Then there'll be another concert and that's it. There is also a mini-quest for posters (you need to distribute leaflets for sticking out the four boys. It is possible that the amount of the fee depends on the fact that this task has been completed. It may also be given only if the graffiti situation on the walls of the hotel is resolved peacefully in advance. The list of children who need to give the leaflets: 1) Street Dog (near the casino "Eldorado"), 2) the son of Mrs. Gate (who gives a quest to find her husband, an old man), 3) in the same eastern slums, a guy who passes on the quest for a letter to Patrick, 4) poor guy, snooping between the tables in the restaurant of the hotel "Silver".

There's a kid outside the Cotton Bar who hasn't been paid. We can get the money out of the bartender and give it to the guy. Or not give it back... (Speech 48 is for money)

In Cotton, the bartender will offer you a comedian from New Vegas. That's a trip - a comedian lowers his luck by three while he's with you.

There's a hairpin in the sink of the bar. You can give it to the mistress who complains about it.

There's a man in Cotton's bar who lost his locket. It can be found north of the base Stryker and east of the entrance to the bunker by a metal detector.

Patrick's quests[edit | edit source]

Near Eldorado is the building where Patrick lives. He'll give you some quests:

- The questionnaire - just answer the questions - what you answer - does not matter;

- to cure a homeless man via doctor's skill or medication;

- to pick up the package from the guy who's talking about Harding near the Silver Hotel. It takes Speech 55 to get it for free;

- Get Wright's permission to show the movie, persuade him simply (Speech 25, will only work if you have a good reputation in the slums or he has already given you quests, otherwise the permission will be for the money $ 1000);

- Protect Patrick during the show (the easiest way to go is to go through the pockets of the audience, where you will know what to do, you can get in the way of the killer and try to persuade or kill him, but in this case you will only get experience for the murder and Patrick will be lost).

The guy near the slums will give you picklocks and some experience in exchange for a gun (any), you can just kill him (+5 to karma).

Underneath the casino, you can take part in battles without rules. Unlike F2 here, the fights are fought to the death. The number of fights is limited, but in total they give a lot of experience and money. And + to stamina, if you go all the way. The fights also give you a reputation that you can use to start gangbang quests.

The coach near the ring can raise the hand-to-hand fight by 5% for $1,000.

She started the ring before one of the last fights, she will give a hint at the chemist, we need to talk to him about increasing the chances.

The casino administrator (on the second floor) can give a quest to repair the cue. You can do it yourself (you need another cue) or give away the technique. A pool cue can be obtained from Chase in the Eldorado Casino or from the pool table at Luciano Ranch. A bug can be placed inside the pool table after repair.

There's a guy in the slums who has headaches. Doctor 50 will allow him to be diagnosed, and Speech 80 after that to find out who supplies him with medicines (see raider quests).

There are two guys in the same room arguing about the game. You can: 1) solve the dispute in someone's favor, or reconcile them for additional experience (32% Speech); 2) offer to play for the right of ownership, including with them (the game requires 35% to win); 3) grab the game and go further (the game costs $ 35).

Solomon's gonna give you a quest to dig up the bullet if you're a coffin digger. The corpse is buried at the railway station. Don't carry it with you for long. As a reward, you will get a corpse amphetamine: gives for 20 minutes +1 (one) point of action in battle, but for a day -3 (three) stamina and + high dose of radiation it will affect you 2 (two) times, the total from 60 to 80 rad, depends on your resistance, (nothing) -10 karma.

Strip club[edit | edit source]

In a strip club female character can try yourself as a dancer, need Agility 7 (and Charisma exactly above 3). Get a lot of money and a quest. To get into the club for free (being a woman) you need Intelligence 7.

After you perform several times, you will be advised to leave the club through the back door (you should go through the lockers and safe). There you will be met by Ted Bundy - a serious opponent with the Ripper (you can run away from him, but it can break the quest). If you go out the front door, you get a gigolo, poisoning and the risk of dying if you don't have enough KP. If you do decide to do so, don't talk to your mother until you leave town, otherwise she will refuse to talk to you later.

After your death Тэда, you will get a picture and an opportunity to speak again. Talk to Mom about it, then the bartender. Then you'll need to find the address on the back. Before you go to the slums, you can go to the reception in Silver, where they will tell you where to look. This is the apartment where you picked up Patrick's parcel near the Silver Hotel. Ask the residents and go to the railway station. There's only one locked door in a row of houses and a look at the fridge. Now you need to talk to Tuco in the caravanist parking lot. He's gonna say he took this girl to Las Vegas. In Vegas, at the Hard Rock Cafe, you'll find her and she'll ask you to say hello to Mamaha. The only problem is Tuco won't tell you anything if you're a raider.

There's a portrait of Elvis in the manager's room in the table. It's Easter. He was in Fallout 1-2. (The same picture can be taken at Las Vegas from the casino wall on the second floor)

Wright's quests[edit | edit source]

If Stryker or Тhompson's quest are executed, Wright will not give any quests. Luciano and Bertolini are irrelevant. To begin with, quests need a reputation in the slums or something.

To complete the first Wright task, you need to talk to the ghoul (Nelson) and the hostess of the bar. They're gonna tell us about the situation in the city and the three worms. Then, Wright will take the first assignment.

The second quest is to pick up c-4 from [[Hawthorne] a. Read more in Hawthorne and Metal Detector. If you just take the c-4, give Wright and say that everyone did the prospectors, then the quest for the metal detector will be available and pass.

The third quest is to remove Nelson a. He'll have to be killed. The rest of you will be left alone, but if you don't touch them, you will be greeted again peacefully when you leave the location.

The fourth quest is to find out what kind of spy roams the slums. There'll be a homeless man at the Silver Hotel location between the two houses. He is a spy. Perception 7 or Unarmed 65/ Force 7 is needed to identify him. Or we could give him $300.

The fifth quest is to get Luciano's help. To convince Luciano you will need Speech 70, it will also help if you have helped him yourself or you have a good reputation at New Reno.

The Town Hall - Thompson's quest[edit | edit source]

There are only gang quests Thompson and some loot. But there is a Auto Doc in the shelter itself that can be repaired. The minimum repair skill is 35, but it will take 90 for a complete repair. As a result, you will be able to get free treatment for everything. The number of doses of each drug is limited, but there are quite a few. If you repair the Auto Doc during the repair of 80, it will still treat you completely, but there will be a 1% chance that the machine will kill you during the treatment.

From level 7 you can get access to Тhompson's quests. You need to him, then he will give the first quest.

The first quest is to find out who's behind the attack on Thompson's whores. It's not hard to do that - talk to the whores at the Cotton Bar and then the jerk at Patrick's house. You can convince him or kill him. *" These jerks can get hostile towards the wanderer at some point.It doesn't matter. If you killed them beforehand, nothing bad will happen. In that case, you'll just have to tell Thompson that it's already done.

The second quest is to find out who attacked the Thompson gang. First, we need to talk to the wounded man in the farthest room in the base. The guy will tell you about the autodock where you can send him (after repairs). It is also possible to cure (use doctors on it) on your own, but it will not have any effect in the conversation.

You can talk to people around the crossroads but eventually you will have to find the evidence. You need to use Science or Repair skill on a lantern near whores (those near Wright). Then we need to go into Patrick's house and go out on the balcony and find a shell casing. Then we should talk to Patrick. After this quest is passed, Stryker quest chain cannot be fully executed, but it disappears from the tasks after the last quest Stryker.

The third quest is to convince Mordino to let people in Thompson. There are two ways to go about it:

  1. (Combat) talk to the hotel manager, then talk to the boy in the hotel restaurant, where he will talk about the basement of the railway station where the Mordino family lives for charisma 8 or drug candy. Security - 3 guards with 10mm guns and 1 sledgehammer.
  2. (Diplomatic) On the base of Stryker, in a room with a mini-generator at Science 30 (not confirmed), we find out that Stryker decided to destroy Mordino after the seizure of power. We tell Mordino himself about it, and it becomes a decisive argument in favor of Thompson.

The fourth quest - Thompson - you need to interview the spies in the camp Stryker and interrupt the deal. The guy's gonna want a $1,000 bribe, and you can guess why when you trade $50. Then we can give him a stagecoach ticket. Information about the deal can also be obtained from the same computer where the info about Mordino was found and save 1000 c.u. Actually, Stryker is a fantastic fucker... idiot. We have to guess to store all strategic information in the computer in a room without security, locked up on a break-in 50 (like) in the city where 2 residents out of 3 are engaged in stealing or stalking ... Next step is near the hotel Silver and you are tasked breaking the deal. Speech 80/Barter 55 will make it possible to reach a peaceful agreement. Otherwise you need to plant a explosive inside the caravan (possibly you can put something poisoned there)

The fifth quest is to take out Stryker. Before that, Barter 30 or Charisma 8 will allow you to ask for weapons. Then you just need to use the computer near the generator, the same one where you did get information for previous quests. The only thing that remains to be reported is the news to the commander of the strike team who will be near the evacuation bunker Stryker.

A quest to save Terry will be available.

Stadium - Stryker's quest[edit | edit source]

To start quests Stryker you need to Steal 70 or level 7 or reputation.

The first quest is to kill Patrick. Speech 50 will keep Patrick alive.

Take the second quest away from the drug dealer with a bag of chemicals. Selling 50 is taking half the money to yourself when you talk to the dealer. Dealer stands near the Eldorado casino, disappears after the conversation, but later comes back. Chemicals can be crafted into Stimpacks with Science 70. After completing this quest Тhompson will be offended, but you can kill Stryker and this quest will be lost from the tasks.

The third quest is to take pictures in the bunker Тhompson. It's no big deal, take it all off until it says there are enough pictures in the console. Do not approach people with cameras in their active hands. Never perform this quest or the last quest if you want to end the chain Thompson.

The fourth quest is to change condoms. A prostitute stands between Patrick's house and the casino. You need the one in charge. You can refuse the quest, but Stryker will be offended and will not give more quests.

The last quest is an assault on the town hall. You need to shampoo with the generator and shoot a little. You'll have a crowd Stryker with you (just don't let them block the exit from the building, they can't be pushed). You can ask for a machine gun and two stimulants before the quest. You don't have to get into a fight.

You do not need anything but paper and access to the hopper Stryker to communicate with Bikers. Accessing the bunker, you can be obtain the key from Stryker or the gate can be lockpicked (100% to 10% chance of breaking in, easier with Lockpick set). You can use explosive weapons like Molotov or Grenade to blow up doors. You can buy the key from Stryker for $1000 or you will need to be a member of Big Louis' gang. You can also try to seduce Stryker on sleeping with you on a bed (if you're a Female character) or take quests on Stryker. You can get a part you will need for the Special Warehouse Assignment quest for the Vault City. You will need a Crumpled Piece of Paper item or Lockpick 90 to crack the vault door.

Stryker and there's a "Rider" in the building who'll give you some useful information for the alcohol. Gives a quest to find the points he lost in the club Momashi points (see quests Big Louis).

In the room with security dogs in the layout table is a few useful books and in the toolbox above it a lot of good things. It can be obtained by Sneak 60 (40 with Stealth Boy). Enter from the street after opening the door (hacking 40+bolts). If you don't have enough Sneak skill, you will need to spam the combat mode technique to pass through.

Chemist Terry[edit | edit source]

The chemist can be reached with an Speech of 50. Or say you're his wife (if you're a woman). After talking to Terry (he may be surprised if he has Science 50, which will give him access to his table), a boy will meet you at the exit and give you a message about the meeting at the hotel. The Silver Hotel will have a monk on the second floor.

Cold gun 75 will identify the monk's stick. After talking to the monk, we need to talk to Terry. He's gonna tell us the guard likes to drink and we need to open the door. We use 3 bottles of alcohol on the guard (only not burping and not whiskey), open the door (break-in or key at the guard) and talk to Terry. If Stryker is killed by a quest Thompson, the quest will hardly change. You just don't have to water the guard and open the door. People Thompson will not be aggressive. Then we leave the building with him and he teleports to Silver with his family. All we have to do is talk to them to get away. You will need a rope (to be spent in the dialog) or you can convince the guards Stryker to go to hell (they will appear at the entrance). We can send them alone or go with them. If you go with them, there will be a choice between a battle in the house or a battle of the entire crowd, one of the corpses can lift a unique 10mm pistol with a flashlight (this is the best 10mm gun, its accuracy is almost not reduced in the dark). It's your choice. But people Strykera will become aggressive (if you take part in the fight, if you delay the decision in the NPC hotel will disappear).

Rancho Luciano - quests of Luciano[edit | edit source]

Here are the quests of the Luciano gang. Also here buy up slave collars and there is a unique leather lies in a closet in a closed room need lockpicking 40+ (next to the bookcase are the slave collars are useful for the Kraft "Revenge of the Mickey").

To get to the ranch without a fight, you need to put on a stolen leather (or have it with you). They won't ask you about her again, so we can throw her out. Alternatively you can sneak/run around the farm just stay out of sight of the guards. The ones at the gate won't mind you but you should try to hide in the buildings, especially from the one who is patrolling the area.

Here a slave works as a missing warrior from Lovelock a. To save him, we need a sabotage of 40. It is also possible to knock out all collars with Science/repair in the generator room. Or you can buy it back. You don't have to take a quest to save him, you'll already know him.

Machete will give you a quest to find a machete. It's at the railway station, found by using a metal detector. If you take Machete to the workbench and clean it, the reward for the quest will increase.

You can give a man in butcher's or doctor's clothes a lighter. In return you will get an interesting story about Mr. Luciano.

Quest on the ranch - to deal with supplies (you need to talk to the girl in the house to the left of the fence). She will ask to know who feeds Тhompson and Stryker if Barter is 40.

  • Stryker you need to use a computer that hangs on the wall near the generator
  • Тhompson you need to use an Science on a book lying on the table in one of the rooms (the book, not the table). This will give you a recommendation for Luciano quests.

In the Eldorado casino, Mr. Chase is standing by the pool table (the bartender can tell you about him). If you choose the right answers in the dialogue, it will give you experience (up to 2000 with "wise" answers) and a quest to set up a wiretap in the office of Bertolini, and then access to quests Luciano. After the "game" you will get a cue that will be useful for the casino repair quest.

The easiest way to set up a wiretap is with a janitor guy (Speech 70 and $500), but the guy is gone. The manual version is harder. One bug should be placed in the table at night through the equipment (not just as an object), the second - either in a broken cue (which is given to repair the administrator of the casino) on the workbench, or in the ventilation grid in the "anteroom" next to the room Bertolini.

To access quests you need to either talk to Chase (see above) or have a level above 7.

The first quest is to steal a suitcase of money from Bertolini (it can be sold in a barter for $30,000) and make a diversion.

The easiest way for a woman's character to go to bed with Bertolini and open the safe with a termite, at least a break-in. Or go to the safe at night in the sneak mode (if you don't have enough sneak, you can sleep in your wardrobe). The code to the safe can tell Huey (appears only when the last quest of Bertolini), if you fail the last quest of Bertolini, he will also tell you how to commit robbery weapons. The guy doesn't like his daddy... The guard's asleep, so the important thing is not to let go of the code.

The second quest - you need to arrange a sabotage - poisoned beer is made on the campfire or ordered from the pushers (300 $). He needs to be planted with the clients. It is possible to arrange another sabotage - to steal an armoury and, putting on a mask, to shoot at clients. But with the guns one secrecy is not enough (night, electric shield, fast run and one try). You have to hand in the sabotage and the suitcase at once. Otherwise, you could get in the bugs.

The third quest is to mine the entrances to Stryker and Тhompson. Any kind of explosives: dynamite, plastic, grenade or dynamite checkers. But it's better to open the door to Stryker - you might need to look at the light.

The fourth quest is to make a deal. When you Barter 75, you can get some money for yourself.

After that, you'll be asked to become a Consiliéri Luciano. After that, Bertolini and Thompson will refuse to deal with you. And Stryker will be giving quests. If you say no, they'll give you all the quests.

Uranium City[edit | edit source]

-There aren't many quests in this town. Wright sends it here on the first mission, but you can also come on your own.

-You can fight against a bar keeper, give you money and experience (if you win), and double the price of the hostess. Power armor won't help you here. (Buffout helps)

-You can buy the arsenal for $1500 or for 300 with 55 trading if it was before the competition. Or get it all for free, if you do all the quests and revive the city.

-Science 50 can help convince Birch that alcohol reduces the effects of radiation on the body.

-If you have energy weapons below 90%, then Birch can be asked to teach you how to use energy weapons (and you can pass the quest and raise the skill beforehand. Then he'll still raise it by 5%). He'll ask for 30 pounds of clean water (15 flasks) and then take the package to New Reno. Not necessarily at New Reno. He's actually asking me to send a message to Hardy the caravaneer. But he doesn't enter the cities and is a supplier of goods from Hub. In particular, he is a supplier to a trader from New Reno Barton. He can give him a message. But it's better to find Hardy's caravanist yourself. To do this, you need to wiggle (pre-save) in the lower left corner of the map, where his route is (if taken by the ability to "Scout" it is quite easy). He's got great merchandise and unique recipes. In the mountains that enclose this desert, there is a random encounter "Cannibal tribe at meal time", where you can find 3 (three!) unique weapons, two cold "Coyotes Knife]" and "Heavy Coyotes Spear" and one energy "Photon Pistol". Water has to be collected in wells, flasks are everywhere. There is also a random encounter "Coyote Hunters, hunting game", the same as "Cannibal Tribe during a meal", but there is no [Photon Pistol], but there is "Coyote Agrodubinka". The most interesting random encounter there is "Coyote Leader", which is quite difficult at an early stage (if you are not seriously armed) because it has two hand claws of death, two warriors with [Heavy Spear Койотов|Тяжелыми Coyotes' spears] and the Leader herself (this is a woman) has a pretty cool unique weapon - a knuckle [[[Flaming Kiss]]]. Kastet is powerful (more powerful than [Mickey's Revenge], uses fuel for a flamethrower instead of nuclear batteries, but there is a minus - does not have a targeted strike (as well as an emy-glove).

-Birch can also be persuaded to take over the mine. Or tell him about him Nelson then Birch will be kicked out.

-When sabotaging or Speech 40 Nelson will give the key to the warehouse in the mine.

-Kelly can be repaired with a Small Gun 100 or a Repair 75. With 70 Speech, he can be persuaded to help shoot the worms. But if you will send him there and don't kill the worms in the next few days he will get back to his old position and refuse to help you again.

-If you have a Private Detective Perk, you can find out what Kelly's doing there.

-If we talk to the Chinese, they'll tell us about San Francisco and the "noisy". You can take the noiselle on the shelf next to them.

-A guy who has two diseases needs Bloodpurifier and RadAway.

-You can fix the shelves in the building next to the administrative building.

-There's a broken shotgun lying in the Uranium City shaft Nelson. You need scrap metal and spare parts to fix it. You can't return a gun later.

-There's a safe in the administration building. If you can't open it, you'll be given its contents for free after the situation in the city is resolved. However, it will remain locked, but after the quest is completed, it will open with any hacking skill (just use hacking on it).

-In the second location, near the mine, you have to put a noise bomb on the stake, and then use it. It'll cause a worm. If the worm doesn't get out, press the pips-fire button to wait 10 minutes. There will be a small glitch - you can leave the pips-boy only by clicking on the "exit". When all three die, we can deal with further quests. Worms have 300 O.O.S. each, so it's gonna take a long time to hit them. You can go to the next location for treatment. After completing the task after a while get from the hostess in the saloon 5 wormwood natures (+12 to the recovery rate). There is also a second option to pass this quest, "evil" (minus karma, as well as deprived of the opportunity to buy in the saloon of pies made of worms), namely, you can make a brahmina Shahida. We buy it from the Chinese (for $1000 or take it for free when trading 65), through the dialogue we order to follow ourselves and without being distracted by waiting, we run straight to the mine. There we wait until after some time the way of the brahmins will rest and through the context menu we push it to the end of the adit, to the area where there is a wheelbarrow between the two blockages. (If you can't push, it means there isn't enough power, you can take the electrocuted one in your hand to solve this problem). In the cave we hang dynamite on brahmin (through dialogue). There are dynamite checkers in the mine's warehouse. Nelson will make dynamite out of them for free.

-After the worms have been destroyed, we need to talk to Marilyn (the hostess of the bar), and she will also need to discuss all the subsequent steps to restore the city.

-The city needs workers:

  1. One can be found at Eldorado's location, near a homeless drummer (requires $350 for provisions and a stagecoach ticket);
  2. Two sitting in a slum (Silver, the lower building is a Negro in a red shirt) asking for $300 for a ticket;
  3. The third one was sold by Wright into slavery He's in the pen at the Luciano ranch. You can make him run away (you need Science to disable all the collars) or buy him out for $500. To get a ransom line from Machete, we need to talk to Joseph himself. Also asks for $300 for the road.

-You can take them all in your own car. They're going in the luggage compartment.

-Carl will ask you for a fuse when he gets to Uranium City. Anyone in the game will do.

-A jukebox will appear in the bar after the employees arrive. We can fix it by asking Marilyn's permission.

-Next you will have to choose the owner of the mine: Birch, Nelson or Wright. Nelson will indirectly offer to kill Wright (more precisely, to deliver C-4, but if you have already given Wright away, you will have to kill him), and Wright will directly ask to kill Nelson. With greed, you can assign them all in turn. Birch first. Then turn him in Nelson yes, assign him Nelson. Then turn him in to Wright. Appoint Wright. Wright can be killed later, too.

Wind of War[edit | edit source]

Make a separate save before you do your military base tasks, otherwise you may lose access to it before the time comes.

There's a comrade in the tent on the left, very angry at the technique. If you are not too law-abiding - you will need it later (for penetration you will get +2% to secrecy and -5 karma). When you have a controller, you will need to go up to it and remind it of the diversion. Speech 50 or the reputation of the caravanists will give access to the theft of the car. Repair or break-in 25 will allow you to start the car.

The chief of the caravan will talk about the "rotor friend". It'll give you the opportunity to buy or steal a car. You need 35,000 to buy (See Car for more details). Barter 50 will allow you to get a discount (from 3000 to 6000 with the attractiveness of 7), and charisma 6 and female sex will work as a prostitute to earn money. For the purchase you will get +5% to trade, +10 karma and 5000 experience, for theft you will get -100 karma and 3500 experience. They'll order you anyway. A note from the killers' bodies can be given to Wesker.

Right at the entrance, the caravan man has a useful object. You can try to win it or buy it for $50. The stone is needed by the trader on the base, but you can hold it and use it differently. The second stone is in a white box in the barracks. To get to it you need secrecy and combat mode (or stealthy mode). The stones need to be inserted into the statue, then a passage inside the building will open.

In the room on the right, the murky guy wants to steal the codes from the military base. Trading 50 can double the price tag. Access to the quest will require a level 10. After receiving the task, it can be handed over to the general or executed.

Next to the right is the victim of military arrogance. With a doctor or first aid 50 he can be treated, otherwise you can make a local doctor do it. He will also give a quest to take away the unique gun (+20% to the chance of hit) and money from Jimmi. Jimmi is inside the base at the entrance, but the general can help with that. (It is more accurate than the usual +20%. Clarification: it is more accurate than any gun in the game by +20% (except Gauss-pistols). For example, from the usual chance of hitting 50%, in the same conditions it will be 70%. He's very good at targeting.) When you take this gun from Jim, don't give it to the caravanaire, but give it back (it's just a little less expa and karma). The caravan-man won't get any worse on you, he'll still treat you to peanuts (see Las Vegas).

Additional grenades can be accessed by the merchant when trading 40. He also asks to bring 30 bottles of beer (then he can be handed over to the general, but he may not find the beer). It will also give you access to a $300 shelter where you can find a part for your booking and a quest part for the warehouse (you will need a rope there). Fighting there is not necessary, the main thing is not to get caught in the eyes of cute lizards, but if you kill everyone, you can meet Super 8 in the neighborhood, but the chance is extremely small (with karma 500 you can not fight with him). The trader will only give you quests if you haven't yet done the general's tasks Weskera. Otherwise, he'll say you can turn him in to the general, and he won't go on talking. So don't rush to the general right away :-)

The doctor is selling the heart pills, so it's worth buying them right away, although they'll only be useful in SLS. If the doctor's skill is low, you can convince the doctor to teach you, but you need a hanging language

In the case of Speech/Barter at 40, it is possible (when talking - to ask for powder, and when trading - to buy powder). It improves the grenade launcher substantially (the shot becomes one move cheaper and the minimum force requirement for its use is reduced - it was 6 to 5)

You can go to the military base if you have been to Hawthorne, or level 13, or you have some kind of quest from there, or for a bribe of $100 (if you go through this, there will be no inspection. Need high Speech skills, 90 is enough). But you need to put alcohol and drugs (e.g. in your safe) and money before the search.

The base on the left side of the entrance lives Robert. The classic story of Romeo and Juliet, the finale of which depends on you. Juliette lives even further to the left. They're gonna need a rope to escape. Key that he'll give will open the oven outside the base. It won't open without a key.

Level 7 will give access to tasks Weskera. He's gonna buy your [[Hawthorne] ammo, uniforms and an award gun. If you don't sell the gun right away, this branch will disappear later. He can also complain about his subordinates (in particular Jim, and later on a quest from Vegas). The task itself will be completed when you hand over the deserters' hunger strike (see Hawthorne). Also this disc (or even a record in Pip Boy) can be shown the technique.

There's a room with scientists next to the general. One of them has the key to the computer. The computer has data about the shelter, if you click then you will be automatically moved there (this is the easiest and most free way to get there), zone 51 and power armor (only the first part of the drawings). (you can enter the computer without a key, but you need 50% Science) (to learn about power armor - 80% Science). There's supposed to be a claw quest to clear the hiding place of the claws, but apparently it doesn't work. ;-(

Then he'll let the quest deal with the rare ones. Don't let them go, it'll be fun.

Sometimes the guards will be waiting for you at the exit of the Air Force. They can be killed (without the need for an entire population) or you will get imprisoned. You can just skip the time and go out or help the guy in the leather. To do this, you need to talk to him, and then wait until the guard turns his back. Your belongings will be returned, but all your money will be taken away from you (if you complain about it to Weskery. He will apologize +500 expats). The guy's gonna give you a lead on quests in LV and Bertolini.

If you turn everybody over to the general, the Wind of War will probably have a bad ending.(needs confirmation)

NPP "Poseidon Oil"[edit | edit source]

There are no quests here, but you can find two necessary details. But it is highly recommended to take 2 pieces Rad-X (or one and quickly get to the antiradiation suit, which will require a high level of Science and hacking) before looking for them. Only a few of the enemies here are geckos, so it won't be a problem. First of all, it is better to go to the door to the NPP itself, which, in addition to the direct hacking, you can also open with the help of a high value of repair skill or dynamite (in the latter case you lose 500 experience), where you can find an anti-radiation suit (in a white locker, you need a hacking of 95% and an electronic key or a card to enter the warehouse). Not only will you need it to repair your reservation, but you can also wear it right away and save RadAway. If you don't want to fight robots (but one of them has a minigun), use Science (75% Science) on the console at the entrance. One of the cabinets has a red card to access the computer. The computer itself will tell you some information, but nothing particularly important will be there. You can find some loot in the cupboards, such as a welding machine, a servomotor and a fuse. There's a storage access card on the reactor vessel itself. Nothing else is interesting here.

At the second location "dump", where the controller is located, you will need to tie a rope to a clever structure near the building, and then use the structure. That way, you'll have access to the inside. In addition to the controller (can be removed without any requirements), you can remove various objects from the machine, and to remove everything you need to be able to repair 100% (tools do not help). Also in a locked house you can find a very useful super-removal kit (+50% to the skill) and a book on repair. Both will help open the door to the nuclear power plant itself. If you have high repair skills, you can remove various items from the machine, and you need 100 skills to pull everything out.

Las Vegas[edit | edit source]

Vegas has a lot of hiding places for the metal detector. Look for the main stash of Vegas with a metal detector at the location (Caravan Parking) next to the sign "Velk Laswegas" - a gold casino chip (very much increases the chance of winning poker and roulette if you hold it in your hands). With a naturalist of 75, you have a chance to dig up 1% (if the naturalist is less than 75, you may not even try the 0% chance). At the same location near the truck (near the transition to the "Clean City") there is another thing with the same chance to search. Not to say that it's very rare, but still very good and expensive.

Warning: If you want to go through the mayor's quest, do not give the police any receipts and hunger strips until you finish it.

Receipts can and should be handed over to the police because they give money and expo for it. But then they'll have to be stolen back (to complete the mayor's quest). It is better to hand in the receipts to the policeman who stands near the bars, he will give an expo for them and a reward. It's okay to turn in the Chief of Police, but he'll give less exposition and no reward at all. You have to steal the receipts from the Chief of Police anyway. Sometimes the receipts stay with you after you hand them over to the police. It doesn't affect the quest in any way. The casino owner's "Hal Wallace" voice recording can also be rented out. It's compensated by a receipt from the Nursery, so you get 500 Exposure. But if you decide to do the mayor's quest, Hal Wallace is still over and you'd better kill him yourself (plastic explosives are the easiest way to do it). Get less exposure to +200, but get a unique gun "Colt Revolver" is a very powerful and beautiful gun (the comment on it says "... when you look at it, you feel like you are God"). All this needs to be done before Hal Wallace is handed over to the police or the Mer's quest is completed (no effect on the Mer's quest). You can find out about this gun in one of the conversations for $ 10, with the bartender at the casino "Three Cards".

Also, most of the receipts can be handed over to the cops after the mayor's quest. Or refer to them without stealing - but these two ways can cause incomprehensible glitches.

Caravanaire parking[edit | edit source]

Left of the entrance of the first location you will see some caravaneers who were ambushed. If you talk to them, they'll give you a quest to find their missing coworkers. You can also cure the wounded by talking to them. (Will require First Aid 75 or Doctor 50, but if your skills are lower you can also choose a Doctor's bag or "Bookshell" from the dialog, if you have any in your inventory.)

At the scene of the attack (a location labelled Gas Station, west of Las Vegas) your job is to find and bury the bodies (there is a shovel in one of the wagons). Step through the northeastern door of the building to notice some footsteps (Perception 5+) leading away from the gas station. If you follow them, you will be taken to Wind of War.

Next we'll need access to the BBC base. The survivor will also be found in the BBC. You can give up your attackers to the general (you need a badge from your body) or talk to them (they will be standing at the entrance to the barracks). If you mention the presence of evidence in a conversation with them, you can be forced to show the entrance to the stash. You will find yourself in a small location with traps, where in the ruined building there is a descent into the basement. There are two robbers on duty (they will be here even if they are surrendered to the general). Or you can go around by taking apart the planks blocking the access to the trunk. You'll find everything in the trunk except the money. You'll get the device you need in Salt Lake City. If they give "the device necessary in SLC" and money, then (it will not take away not be afraid. Money will take certainly 1500$) they will present you a unique leather jacket "Caravanshchik's Combination" as on it is written "Special clothes for the maximum mobile movement in desert conditions" increases speed of movement and removes almost all fines of movement on a map (speed of movement on mountains, swamps, etc. becomes much better). If you have a reward on the quest, then on the global map you may be attacked by three caravaneers.

There'll be a caravan man next to them if you helped him with the BBC. Give you some anti-radiation peanuts. You can also find out about the Black Caravan from him.

A caravaneer in a hotel can be played on a stimulant.

Trading 90 will give you access to an improved assortment of products in the shop next to you.

When you have a car, the dealer will sell more batteries and sell a lead on Skitter (improve the car).

At the location "Tire dump]" in the upper right corner, you can blow up a part of the tires (with a timer). Clear the way to the drawer with a few useful things.

The guy in the room can be a piece of "substance" in the case of Sam Phillips (a quest in Hard Rock Cafe), but only after taking the appropriate task from the owner of the cafe. You need a reputation with the caravaneers or 250 karma. This thing can be used to justify him and put him away, depending on what you tell the police. If you choose the second variant (to plant), get -10 karma and impossibility to arrange in cafe Big Louis Louis as the singer (if have executed all ruler of his quests and became the helper).

Café Hard Rock[edit | edit source]

We need to get a hitchhiker in here.

There's a junkie running around by the Hard Rock Cafe. If you talk to him, he'll disappear, but he'll come back later. Talk to him again, then use the metal detector in front of him, to find an item named Stranglehold. It's a guitar string that can be used to kill people from behind, while using Sneak. (Such kills will not yield experience.)

In the cafe itself, the waitress is involved in the Ted Bundy quest (if you're playing a female character).

There's a guy near the counter who's gonna give you a part of the body care kit after the dialogue.

In the right corner you may see a gamer, who after being talked to, will give you a quest to repair one of the arcade machines. Talk to the bartender before attempting to. To succeed, the "sum" of your Repair, Science and Gambling skills should be 120.

One of the visitors has a useful case (to steal and open on the layout). It is possible to open it either by hacking or by repairing it, you need high (about 75) values. In any case, for the autopsy you will get a significant minus to karma -75 (but it is worth it: +5% to criical).

Here you can also accept the job of delivering pizza (from the bartender) or go to the boss and take his quest. To perform the boss's quest, you will have to go to one of the caravaneers in the first location and get the evidence. The evidence needs to be given to the cops later.

To take a pizza quest, you need charisma 7 and Barter 60. All 3 clients need to communicate as politely as possible, then get bonuses in the cafe (20% discount).

There's a comedian at the bottom of the location who needs to be sent to New Reno.

The guy who lost his glasses. They're in the vicinity of a metal detector.

Slave City[edit | edit source]

There's a ring where you can earn money and reputation. There is also a coach who increases the skill of hand-to-hand combat 4 times for 5% for $1000 per each training session. After the 4th workout, it increases strength by 1.

There's a tired jock near the ring. A woman with Charisma 7 and Sly 7 can give him a massage for 250 XP. There's an option for a man with an SLC Massager, but no exact info yet.

In one of the graves you can find a Rusty Katana. The grave is different from the others - it has a tire instead of a cross. This is one of the most powerful melee weapons in the game, has a range of 2 and costs less AP than the spear. It can be cleaned at a workbench (using Rot Gut and Flamethrower Fuel), so it would deal even more damage. (rusty katanas are also found on the "Kings gang" random encounter, if you walk around Las Vegas.)

There's a guy out front who wants to get his brother out of the slave trade. You can give him a note in a hidden mode and help him escape or just buy it back. For this, you will be given a walkie-talkie (any other radio will do), which can be used to lure the boss out of the office to scrounge through his safe. There's a receipt in the safe for the mayor's quest. It's impossible to record a dialogue with a slave trader on Pip Boy - it will burn you down anyway.

You can chat with the smoker outside if you have a slave trader's receipt, then at high combat parameters (Strength 9 or Unarmed 75) you can persuade him to give away the location of the nursery or where to find the "Black Caravanschiki", something of your choice. Exposure for choice is the same. We can talk him into quitting smoking, he'll give up his lighter for that. If you are a little to the left of it to look for a metal detector, you can find a "micro-nuclear battery".

Hoover Dam[edit | edit source]

You can use Science or buy the password from a single employee to access Hoover Dam.

If you turn on the radio, you can hear the conversation about the stash. We need to get out of the location and return, and then use Science (hacking also fits) on the lantern. There's no need to leave the location. You've overheard it and you can have it right away. The lantern closest to the worker who walks in front of the entrance.

Bob Neal is looking for a replacement for the dam workers. You can buy slaves for him, but the best option is to give the Ghouls / Geeks / freaks a job.

At the intendant, you will need $500 or ten pizzas or if the hero is a courier of Nuka Cola, for 250 bottles you can buy a Pressure Regulator for Vault City

There's a golden Desert Eagle in the desk in the office, and that's cool! Compared to the usual one, it has a higher penetration rate (this is very useful because standard cartridges have double damage, but the penetration rate is reduced, this gun removes this weakness). The other characteristics are the same.

Electrical engineer Ed can offer you an upgrade of Pip-Boy (gives a skill "empathy"), as well as to improve the laser gun twice (1st improvement - piercing ability of the shot, 2nd - power + 50% but -50% shop and minus the range of the shot), plasma gun on the size of the store. You can also improve Power Castle to a Power Super Castle. Laser shotgun improvement - the ammunition has been doubled. Plasma Gun is a power boost and a good addition to the range of the shot.

Dead Hotel[edit | edit source]

There are Ghouls / Geeks / freaks living here. They're just a couple of quests and they all don't start here.

You can also use the radio to eavesdrop on the cops who are watching the ghouls. There's a little loot in the dungeon and the next building.

You can record the conversation with the freaks to blacken them in the police. If you did this by accident and don't want to give them up, throw the disc away.

Clean City[edit | edit source]

The most important quest here is the mayor's quest. It's better to take it at once, though you can come with all the receipts. Callahan is one big bug. If you see him dead when you enter town, you've got the bug. Quest can still be turned in, so don't worry. But if he's still alive, don't talk to him at all. The rest of the conspirators need to chat (not enough receipts alone): the chief of police, mayor's assistant, head of the slave traders, freaks, the owner of the Monte 3 Cards Casino. You also need to talk to Neal at Hoover Dam to find out what it's all about.

To enter the mayor's office, you need a level 10, the rank of sheriff of Uranium City, or one of the receipts. To get a quest you need level 16 or Speech 90. Also, if you walk around the city and interrogate various key characters (such as the chief of police), you can ask the mayor and as a detective. You can find heart pills in the mayor's closet right there. Take them with you.

You'll be most interested in the police station here. If you do not perform the mayor's quest, you can take all the receipts here, but then the city will remain in full swing.

There's a guy behind bars asking for help. If you listen to him and go talk to Orris, they will ask you to deal with the problem, if you save the guy, then you will also be given expensive drugs (you can choose which ones). You can kill him with the poison that needs to be poured into the urn at the entrance. To let a guy go, you can use Dr. 80 to convince a cop that he's sick. Or go up to the casino cashier and use the sabotage skill on the book on the table. Also with this page you can talk to the prosecutor for another development of events, you can also talk to the one who passed it (the accountant Irwin), he is on the second floor through the entrance to the measure (a man in a white coat in the first room, standing at the table), or just pay for it a fine of $500.

There's a receipt the mayor needs from the chief.

The thief is near the Monte 3 Cards Casino, but when talked to, he runs away. To catch him, you have to walk up to him using Sneak. A Steal skill of 40 helps to find out what he's stealing because of his debts to Orris. You can just take him down to the station. To "pay off" the boy's debts you need to steal a Police Laser Pistol from the station (or you can look for a Neon Gangster on a global map near Vegas). You need secrecy (not to steal, and get out of the iron locker near the chief of police, in bad secrecy can be using the combat mode) or executed quest mayor. This is the best laser gun in the game. Everyone else (even the improved ones) is worse.

You can't fix Robocop at the police station, it's just a movie reference. When the main quest is over, the technician can upgrade the machine.

There's a lady right outside selling sandwiches. With stamina 5, you can talk to her about the cart and offer her help (you need scrap metal). Also, if you ask her, she will tell you about the problems that you can solve with the help of the mayor and Barter 80. Or the mayor's quest, then you won't need to trade. If you have already signed a contract for the supply of Nuka Cola with the Hard Rock Cafe, you can vouch for it yourself by telling the Mayor.

There's an archivist at the City Hall looking for his daughter. She has joined up with the Bikers at Battle Mountain.

A terminal next to the entrance to the Minister of Culture's room will give you a stimpak, if you use Science on it. The terminal looks like a keyboard with red flickering lights and no monitor attached.

You can talk to the Minister of Culture and even convince him that things are not so bad in the wastelands (Science 65+). You can also ask him to meet for dinner to get a little more experience. The meeting place is in the casino across from the bartender on the same night. We have to wait at the next location through the Pip Boy until 20:00 and go back to the "Clean City". The minister's gonna be standing by the bar near the Nuka Cola machine.

Another receipt from the mayor's aide.

There is a newspaper machine to your right, as you enter Clean City, from which you can buy books to improve your skills, for $500 apiece.

There's a guy at the front of the casino trying to collect a debt from one casino visitor. The visitor himself is in the bathroom on the second floor. It is possible to pay his debt or to surrender or offer to cut the organ safely - you need a knife, an anesthetic and a high doctor skill (90). You can also take him out the back door, with an appropriate lockpick skill. Or you could just steal a receipt.

There's a guy standing by the treadmill wearing a tinfoil hat. Talk to him, then go to his room. If you talk to him politely and tolerantly, the respect in the city will increase. Be sure to visit his casino room on the 3rd floor. You won't regret it.

There's a man on the second floor of one of the stairs. If you rent a room, he will tell you all sorts of interesting things and sell drugs, he sells things for the game, honest and cheating, and also he sells "comics" and "Cat's Paw" magazines (useful at the SLC hotel), their range is periodically updated. He also has a very rare book on sale which increases his skills in "Barter". He can also teach the skill Gambling. There's a portrait on the wall next to him in his room. Using repair, it can be taken for yourself :-)

In one of the rooms there is a guy in a leather jacket and suffers (he is tormented because he drank in a casino bar, a beer which was intentionally added to the drugs in order to implicitly put the consumers. That's one of the clues. But we can do without her. We need to use the doctor's skill on him, and then talk to him. We're gonna need an Antismoker and Dr. 80. If you convince him to do without drugs (including antismoking) to ease the pain (break) will give more XPs and Karma.

You can find the recipe for an atomic cocktail in the big room.

Hal Wallace needs level 8 and a little bit of boorishness to get there, or if you've freed a prisoner in the BBQ, you can use his recommendation. If you record the conversation with him, you'll get all the evidence you need. You will have to find a drug lab and hand them over to the mayor, but first you need to leave the clean town and talk to Inspector Callaghan (if he survives, after the quest he will give you a super-stimulator). He'll be there even if he's already been killed.

There are several ways to find a lab: you can talk to a slave trader, you can talk to a dealer near the Hard Rock Cafe and find out about the black caravan, or you can talk to caravanists. Then you need to get in the caravan crew and you'll know the location of the lab. You can get in there and find another receipt, but you don't have to.

If Hal Wallace's mission is completed, he'll give the mission to steal Bob Neil's gun. Then, no more quests.

After completing the quest, you can still justify the freaks (all the evidence you already have), hand in the black caravan and the location of the kennel police.

Then it will be possible to hire the ghouls / geeks / freaks at Hoover Dam (you will need to talk or Science 70). Larry Geller will teach you how to make healing powders and stimulants as a reward.

Near the casino Three cards on the lawn near the entrance of the Metal Detector you can find the most powerful non mechanical knife in the game called "Gonzo style".

Nursery[edit | edit source]

You can either fight or bypass the kennel from below and get into the hole in the fence. That way you can get to the receipt in secrecy. If you have food with you, one of the slaves (the one in the building) will tell you a little about the area.

Entering the office will increase the secrecy skill in any case.

The receipt is in the desk at the farthest end of the building. In a computer in another building you can get information with Science, but without a fight it is almost impossible to get there. You can go there after handing in the receipt to Meru or the cops there. There will be no one at the Nursery (also most of the items from the tables/cabinets will be lost). Except for one guard, but he doesn't react to anything unless he's attacked. (if you kill him, he has an electro-whiplash) and a computer with information, you can come quietly, without a fight.

In a wooden house with a generator (which stands next to the house with a computer) in an iron locker is "Large set of keys" (will be lost if you tell the police about the nursery) can open and simple, medium and complex mechanical locks for them (simple hacking +40%, medium hacking +35%, complex hacking +30%), in contrast to just a lock that opens only simple, medium mechanical locks and they have (simple hacking +20%, medium hacking +10%).

Salt Lake City[edit | edit source]

Business Center[edit | edit source]

In a store with a reputation or Barter of 50 you can get a quest to kill Harrelsona. There is also a gas suit for repairing the reservation. There is also a map of the lake, if used it will show the adjacent territories on the global map.

With 60, he's got a lousy assortment.

There's a strange nucleus trader in the middle of the caravans' parking lot. If you buy one bottle from him, it makes sense. You can buy his assortment, or you can wait for a quest from a Nuka Cola factory.

A second trader (after talking to the sheriff) can tell you how to make Gauss ammunition.

Here you may be met by a homeless man, Chip, who offers to meet you in the slums. But nobody's found him there yet. The authorities must have stolen him for an anal probe.

There's a guy in the building who's in need of all sorts of shit right now:

Sledgehammer, gecko pelt (any), shovel, first-aid kit, 3 flares, rope, 2 empty flasks, metal scrap (junk metal), rubber boots, wrench and weapon parts. It gives you 3 days to collect, so you'd better take a quest when you have all the items. As a reward for this errand will get some money and 1000 experience.

There is a family in the house near the bar, you can chat with a boy and teach him to count.

There's a guy in a leather bar, he's gonna propose a robbery. You'll have to have at least 50 stealing or Grave Robber Perk or you'll say you're not right for him. If you have a high reputation in SLS, you won't get his quest either.

The lantern turns off the repair. You need to wait for the moment when the passing guards are standing by and everything will turn out :) after the robbery, the guy in the leather will offer you to personally divide the loot. 2000$ (which he shares equally, or 75/25 depending on your impudence and skills - you need to either Barter 50, or Speech 80), but total -100 karma. You'll get 2,500 more experience, though. But both merchants are gonna raise their prices a lot after the robbery. More thieves can surrender if you talk to a patrol member during a robbery, for which you get 1000 experience and $3000 from the sheriff.

After a successful robbery, you can find him at the bar at the table. Ned's gonna tell us about the fake coins for the coke machines. You can find out more about them from the Canyon location. (and maybe give them a coin on the rope to deceive them. Each of its applications is 1 karma) and will also mention a certain stash, which can be found in the area of "Slums" in the electric switchboard ($1000).

You can sell comics and a cat's foot at the hotel ($40 + 100 experience for each magazine). There is also a caravanist with an encoder, which is needed on the quest from the factory. You can steal it, buy it for $1000 or $300 (depending on the reputation of the caravanist) or convince when there will be a quest.

Also at the hotel, one of the guests complained about the loss of the wallet. The wallet can be stolen from one of the running children in the same location and returned to the owner. You don't have to steal it, you just have to talk. He's gonna give it up like that or for money. Depends on which branch of the dialogue you go on.

There's another homeless guy on the left of the hotel. If you feed him properly ($50), you will be able to attach him to the traders or sheriff (you will have to talk to them). He can also be kicked out. Get karma and some experience.

At 4:30 p.m. or 1630 in military time or PipBoy time, you can see a fake hanging. Then you can take part in the process yourself. This will increase your Sequence (+2) and Speech (at low Speech values) and also worsen karma.

Birthplace[edit | edit source]

To cure a man suffering from consumption, you need to use the doctor's skill on him, and then the antidote.

The entrance to the secret hideout can be found with a metal detector behind the house where the patient lives. To detect an input with the help of a metal detector - the skill of a naturalist must be at least 91%.

There's a kid out there looking for his dog. It is located in the Canyon location, a passageway to which, in the eastern corner of the Nuclear-Stake-plant. That's where the nuts grow and the pipe enters the Sewerage Station...

You can talk to the doctor about Science nuts or doctor 50 will allow you to come up with a recipe for nut radiation medicine together. You can also give or sell the doctor the filter from the Vegas Quest. You can also sell the filter to the Coke factory or sheriff. But first you have to go to the tower, which is in the slums. Funny thing - climbing on the tower temporarily get +1 to perception, but if you have luck less than 7, then coming down from the tower, you will periodically break your legs (the impossibility of running), while you are treated, the addition to the perception of flying :-)

If you come to him sick, you can get an additional way to treat infections.

A bibliophile lives in the house to the left of the location, he will exchange the heart pills (there are in BB and Vegas) for two necessary books. One will give a "practical anatomy" percussion (but needs an intellect 7 and a doctor/first aid of about 80), and the other will improve the car, you need a super preset (if you don't have a super preset, then the car, with the help of this book, can improve the buzz from the location "Tire Dump"] for 4 bottles of any alcohol and 4 sandwiches). A bibliophile also needs newspapers to teach them Gambling or give them a book to improve their skills (your choice). One of the newspapers can be found at the BM. (for Newspapers, see "Tricks Nevada" link at the beginning)

Intellect 9 and Speech 75 will allow you to gain experience when talking about a philosophical topic.

Next up, there's a girl with a bad husband. Charisma 8 or Speech 30 will allow us to offer her help. Next you can threaten (force 9 or level 10) the man or drink (Speech 75) with his poison. The man can also be persuaded to drink a bottle of alcohol in his backpack.

There's a moonshine guy named Harry Pig Rats in the next room with them. In his drawer you can take 10 bottles of "bloody Mary", and in the wardrobe is a jug with "Melassa" (needed for cooking at the stake: 1(one) jug with "Melassa"+1(one) flask with "Clean water"=10 bottles of moonshine).

The sheriff will give you a quest to bring in a bandit from Provo. You need to find a peaceful way in (the guy outside will tell you everything at 9, Speech 60, $100, level 12 or karma -250) and talk to the guy in the leather. He's not against being publicly executed if you're at level 22 or 110% Speech (ten percent!). The change will be a double award and a big reputation boost for the SLS.

Then the sheriff's gonna let the rest of us kill the others and bring him their heads.

In the police station in the closet near the sheriff's quarters, there is a "criminal case", which is very worn out and old. It's an interesting and creepy story, and maybe it's for something.

Neighborhood Provo[edit | edit source]

If you're honest with the bandits (see paragraph above) and you're taking a quest to "Do justice for Gary Gilmore". Then the leader can get a counter quest for the murder of Sheriff with a long name Burton "Knut" Hickok from SLS (this quest will be at the leader's if you have not killed nor convinced Gary Gilmore to surrender). If you kill the Sheriff, you will get $20,000, +500 Expressions, -5 karma and get the most powerful cannon made of energy weapons.

It is still possible to take a quest from the leader "To make a sabotage at the plant of Nuclear Cola". It is necessary to poison at least two tanks "with a smelly brew". At the Nuka Cola plant there are a lot of them (the leader advises to go through the subway, but it is better to go to the tanks in secrecy just through the door). Get $20,000, -50 karma, +1500 experience. This quest can be taken even if you persuaded me to give up or killed Gary Gilmore. Do you want to choose whether you're good or greedy? :-)

In a house in a locked room in a closet. The "Powder grenade" scheme is lying around. A very powerful weapon. Only the plasma grenades are stronger and not much stronger.

If you look for an unusual plasma gun called "Day" by the metal detector near the "HOTELL" sign, you will be pleasantly surprised and amused by its characteristics :-)

Behind the house in one of the graves you can find a bottle of "Tasteful Nuclear Cola" is a moonshine Nuka-Cola! Poisoning and decently lowering the stats. You can try poisoning someone or it was added as a joke. (alternatively you can lower the stats to read books).

Railway depot[edit | edit source]

It's not much fun, but it's a place to be in the story. If you have a low lock-picking skill, you need to go to the lower left corner of the location and go down there in the dungeon. There you'll find the key to the door in the main building.

When you're crawling through the sewer, be aware that you need to press the computer at top of the stairs in the water room. When you flush out the water where there was water in the corner you can find the corpse of Ed (This is Easter for the movie "Pulp Fiction," where the hero Bruce Willis (the boxer) when he came home with the clock on his motorcycle, said to his wife at the question: "Whose motorcycle is it? - "Zeda" - "Who's Zed?" - "Zed is dead!" ("Who is Zed?" - "Zed is dead!") Ed also lies at the exit of shelter number 13 in the first part of Fallout, in the mines of Redding and in the hold of the tanker in the second part, as well as in the shelter number 34 in Fallout:New Vegas and always with the same description - "This is Ed. Ed is dead.") He can be taken away and in a small snack bar there is a very discreet door to a secret room (there is also a little kindness and maybe it is needed for something).

To start a train, you need to:

  • clear the way - To clear the way you need to go up the stairs near the train, fix the generator, understand that something does not work. Fix the wires on the wall near the hangar door, in front of the train, activate the computer (upstairs) to move the barrels, detonate a bomb or light a lighter (there is one in the box nearby) the gate will be destroyed from the explosions.
  • find a partner - Get in front of the Sheriff Station and talk to the guy outside, next to the entrance. He will tell you he will wait for you in the hotel until you are ready (cost 1000)
  • fix the on-board computer - You take off the on-board computer and carry the equipment to a repair man (Nuka Cola factory is the closest one, cost 1000) or to the workbench and fix it yourself.

You need to get the Overseer's signal on a terminal in Radio Station in Battle Mountain in order to board the train.

Slums[edit | edit source]

There's Stapleton and two mini-hosts here. Stapleton will give a quest to kill the dogs (it is worth visiting again after the completion of the quest). He can also fix the computer from the train.

Mini-sanctuaries look like an entrance to the sewerage system, look for them inside the houses next to fallen letters. Find some loot and a spare part for GU. In the second (not where the detail is) look at the poster - there is a safe behind it.

In Stapleton's backyard you can find a broken Pip Boy metal detector. It should be taken to the workbench. Repair 30 and Science 75. After the improvement, you can "see" yourself and know the level of exposure.

The pipe to enter the cellars of the plant is located at the location of the "canyon of drainpipes" behind the location of the "plant of nuclei-cola" (to open it you need to use the skill of repairing), there lives a missing dog, if he was told about.

The Nuka Cola Plant[edit | edit source]

Here you will find a workbench, a technique that will offer to collect Grizzly's armor and upgrade the car and a few quests.

In particular, you can buy a license to sell a stake for money. The amount depends on your trading skills. The price will change between 3000 and 2000 depending on the trading skill. You have to carry the paperwork with you to conclude contracts. Contracts can be made with the following institutions: 1) Hard Rock Café; 2) caravan parking in the Wind of War; 3) Silver Legacy Café; 4) Cotton Bar.

The first quest of the chief is to deal with the merchant in the caravan park. If you have 70 Barter, you can convince the manager to hire him. Or buy the whole batch from him. Buy almost all of his radioactive Nuclear Cola from him first, as it gives +1 reaction for each bottle drunk, it is very useful to get drunk before a difficult battle. But don't forget that each bottle also gives you +3 radiations of infection. (Leave him at least one bottle, which will allow him to go through his quest in other ways as well).

The second quest is to take the encoder from the caravanist (see Business Center).

The third is the repair of the compass. It can be repaired by a Vegas technician or Bikers. Or yourself on the workbench (repair 25 Science 80). If you give the controller to the director of the plant Skinner, you get 2000$ and 1500 expy. You can also take it to the doctor and get 350 coins. The fact that you don't just need a controller for the plant manager is directly explained by the mechanic Francis (when you actually get it fixed). The doctor proposes to give the controller to him so that the city could live better, because the automation of the plant Yader-Kola will reduce jobs and some workers will be on the street. yes, it only gives $350, but this is still +35 karma and 1500 expy. As he says, "Not everyone can sacrifice their income for the good of others. Maybe you can give it to somebody else.

There's a Negro on the second floor that everybody doesn't like. He won't give the quest directly, but it can be done. To do this, you need to talk to the administrator, who will say that she has lost her keys. Key and stole the same nigger and hid it in the junk. You have to put the keys in Simon's locker (the middle one) or put them in his locker and hand them over to the administrator. Then the Negro will give you a gas suit. Simon's a decent scoundrel, of course, but a decent white man would turn in a Negro Tom, who stole the keys (and we had to steal them in the back of the house because of that) with a crafty intent to commit forgery with someone else's hands. Simon's gonna give you the same suit, too. You can turn them both in, but it's not gonna solve the situation.

Canyon[edit | edit source]

At the location there is an entrance to the sewerage system (Do not get into it if you do not take a quest on the dog. Otherwise you won't find the dog and the location will hang if you go to it with the second quest). If the entrance can be repaired, you can get into the sewerage system, there you can find a skeleton with a lot of good things, and from there to the basement of the Yader-Kola plant (you can also get in from the plant. But if you don't know where the entrance is, it's very hard to find and notice. There in the locker is a gas overalls and various useful things, and in a wooden box near the stairs leading to the factory is a very cool reference to the follows 1 and 2 :-). If you look for a metal detector on a peninsula with an "uncomfortable chair", you can find a broken micro-nuclear battery.

In the skeleton that lies in the sewer you can find "Things"" metal plates the size of a regular coin, they are needed to get a Nuclear Coke without money. After the first use (on a Nuclear Cola machine) you will automatically learn how to make them on a workbench or from any technique other than Francis (which is near the Nuclear Cola plant). He's done them before, for which he got a serious butt plug from his superiors and doesn't do it anymore). But don't forget, every dishonestly received karma bottle is -1. If you steal 20 bottles of Nuclear Cola machines with the help of "Things", you will get the skill "Cola-maniac" stealing +5%. If after that you confess everything to the director of the plant (he won't believe you anyway) you will get +5 karma.

Harrelson[edit | edit source]

It's simple. Talk to City of Refugelem, kill Harrelson (300 hp!), heal by a doctor or a prisoner's stimulant. Gather the loot. Profit!

Bridgeport[edit | edit source]

The little town you're in on the story. Here you need to fix the electricity, drive байкеров (you need to clear [[Hawthorne]), ask байкеров about Кукиша, cure the girl (with a first-aid kit or doctor's skill), bring the girl a cola (you can always get karma and experience for each bottle, and after 10 bottles will increase the reputation in the city), to establish trade with the caravanists (talk to them in New Reno, but the shop will not open, until the final exactly) to help the guy join the gang - you will need painkillers and a gun (any 10mm) and the skill of energy weapons 75. Or he could be persuaded to stay.

We're gonna have to run around town to fix the electricity. First we need to start the generator. Then dig through the shield to start the electricity to the transformer. Then fix the transformer itself. The last thing you need is to find the shields at each house and fix them. All the shields are the same, but they don't look like a normal electric fuse.

There's also a quest to get the brahmins into the stalls. Push them until they come in, if the character does not have enough power, then you need to take the electrocuted. Simple, but long.

Bikers will tell you about Jay Kukish, and this will give you access to the next story quest.

Battle Mountain[edit | edit source]

The hardest part is finding this place. How to do this will be described in the "plot" section, although you can find it earlier.

At the first location there is almost nothing but one of the body care parts and an old newspaper (a bibliophile needs a bibliophile at SLS).

If you look for a metal detector near a broken machine near the transition to the radar station and байкерам, you can find the "micro-nuclear battery".

The second one is a radar station (closed for the time being), you will see the Bikers and the daughter of an archivist (quest Las Vegas).

If you look for a Metal Detector near the daughter of the archivist, you will find a cold weapon called "Chain of bikers". And next to the dryer behind the generator building, you can find things with the Metal Detector and you will find a Stimpak.

Phil's gonna upgrade your $2,000 car.

You can buy the Bikers a beer.

For the beer, Phil is gonna tell us about the Power Armor. You can buy (or rather get it for a quest) Power Armor blueprints from him.

Phil's gonna ask you to get your reputation straight. They're accused of assaulting a stagecoach. Next, there are a few options for developing the story:

  1. Go to Black Rock and find out where
  2. Go to New Reno and find out where

It's easier to do that in Black Rock. When we get there, we need to search the robot and pick up the hunger strike. Then you will have options: give the disk to the guards and fail the quest or give it Tuco and perform.

There is a third option for a quest solution, gives more exposure, needs Science 75, a hunger strike from the robot's corpse and talk to a stagecoach worker at the hotel.

After completing the quest, Phil will give you the second part of the Power Armor blueprints(the first part can be obtained from the BB).

When you need access to the radar station, Phil won't let you in first, then he'll open the door himself - just talk to him. You don't have to wait for his permission, you just steal his remote from his door.

Before starting the station, the generator must be re-tuned from the outside, using a repair. Before boarding the train in Salt Lake City and going to Gracious, you will find the Overseers signal inside the Radio Station's terminal.

Area 51[edit | edit source]

Location in which a lot of useful loot, but in fact there are no quests. Bring a few supplies of RadAway and Rad-X with you. You will need it.

On the taxiway you can find a computer that mentions the radio station in Lovelock, a bug in your Pip Boy (even if it's already been removed from the story).

There is a jammed hatch on the crashed plane that can be opened in various ways: to blow up Dynamite nearby, use a Sledgehammer or mount (force test), to repair with tools/repair kits (repair test), or to use termite. Inside there are Motion Sensor and many other useful and expensive things.

At the second location, you must first supply electricity, otherwise the doors will not open. Scrap Metal and a high level of repair (65% is enough to do without scrap) will be required. After that, the doors will open, but without your involvement.

You can find five boxing gloves here. Each of them adds 1% to the skill Unarmed (they can only be slaughtered after clearing Area 51.

In the building right next to the power plant on the floor are the officer's notes - an interesting reading. And in the other wing, there's a safe (Perception 7 and Lockpick 80) with a gas cylinder. There'll be two more of these safes.

There's also a minigun on the floor in one of the rooms (the one opposite the room with the officer's notes).

The next location will meet you with a horde of aliens. There's nothing more interesting, but there's more aliens on the base.

Inside the base, in one of the boxes, you can find Alien Power Cells for strangers' blasters.

You can find a lot of useful information on the computer, including information about Vault 8. There's a second safe with a gas tank right there.

If you have a low hacking skill, go to a room with a pile of incomprehensible biomass. You can take a card from it to open all doors. You can also go to the computer (Science 82 is exactly enough) below and open all the doors through it.

If the hacking is pumped up, then you can immediately go up and to the right and find there a third safe and some useful loot. In the table is a sheet with passwords from all safes (including for the gas canister). Here you can also find a Stealth Boy and a computer with information to why gas cylinders are needed.

In a small room is a Pressure Helmet, which is needed to build Power Armor. Next to it is a device in which the cylinders are stuck and a gas attack is launched. To prevent the gas attack from harming, you can wear an anti-gas or anti-radiation suit and calmly wander around the base.

In the room with a computer there is a control panel (in the table) and the possibility of activating self-destruction of the base. Intelligence 7 and Science 75 will allow you to deal with the work of the turrets, although you left the aliens alive on the surface. Science 100 will enable the countdown of a nuclear explosion.

A computer in the side corridor will allow you to activate the force fields. Those fields can be used to block or kill wandering aliens, but watch out once enabled they can't be disabled.

In the next location there are some more batteries for the Alien Blaster, but the enemies here are harder to kill. There is also an emergency exit from the base.

Somewhere on the base you can pick up a set of Power Armor blueprints (near a computer with self-destruct activation in a table with a control panel for force fields), which will eliminate the need for Phil to be disqualified and fights in explosives Also somewhere there is a centrifuge, which replaces the fire and laboratory table (in the laboratory, next to the room with the unit, for a gas attack).

Gracious[edit | edit source]

You can arrive here only by plot and only by train.

At the location itself, except for the entrance to the shelter there is nothing interesting.

Inside you will be greeted with turrets that can be destroyed with weapons or in a cunning way with the help of a coil of cable that lies in one of the boxes. Use the wire on the trolley and turn on the switch.

In this shelter hang two punching bags, each adds 5% to the skill Unarmed. But only up to 200% (even 201% is not obtained).

Going down you will find the clinic where you will see the Overseer and Jay Kukish. In order to interrogate the Overseer, you will need (First Aid 90 / Doctor 75) or use 3 Stimpacks.

Immediately next is another centrifuge.

The computer on the wall can show you the lower floors, but you will not learn anything particularly useful there.

In the cabinets you can find combat armor and various useful loot. The door can be blown up with plastic, which is enough here. But you can get around in other ways.

Near one of the bodies (just on the floor) lies a special card, in the table you can find a holodisk with a history of refuge (funny reading matter, nothing more). There is nothing more interesting here, except that there is a presidential safe with a complex lock and a large amount of money inside, but at this stage money is no longer particularly important.

You can go down through the backdoor or through the elevator.

To access the server, you need a key card from the previous floor. Comp will tell a lot of interesting things, but will not do anything. Generator you can blow up, but because of the bug, this will allow you to turn off the turrets only on the same floor.

In the caretaker’s room there is a map to enter the president’s room. It is necessary to take it and go down even lower.

After the destruction of the turrets, you can talk with the president (save before that in a separate slot) ... and kill. 990 HP is not a joke. After that, you can leave the base. In conversation, you can attach him plasticity and there will be no fight. Killing is not necessary, it is enough to have high Speech, how many: mass options

- you can give all the answers;

- intimidate with the threat of explosion;

- you can inject poison - he will die immediately (the poison lies next to the corpse);

- you can steal a doll from him, he calls her "my darling" and threaten to tear her body parts off;

- you can persuade the world to see.

There is one more thing - it is better to look for them yourself, but the percussion tips here will not help you.

At the exit you will be greeted by a Collector of Souls. With level 18 or Speech 75, he can give you some details, but then he will still attack. He will constantly heal himself and regenerate broken limbs, so it may take a long time to beat him. He has 500 HP, not counting the full recovery. He has the most powerful gun in the game. Don't forget to pick it up after winning.

Your assistant will sit in the house, talk to him and dump. He will turn out to be an asshole, so if you were damaged badly you will be healed before the trip.

After exiting the train station you will receive a message from Vault City. CM. plot.

Main Questline[edit | edit source]

First you need to talk to the doctor in Vault City, then with the sergeant who will give the quest "remember everything".

After that, you need to arrive at New Reno and talk to Mordino at the hotel, who will tell you about the evacobunker at Stryker's location.

You need to get access to the bunker (see New Reno, Stadium). Underground, with the help of the "Crumpled piece of paper" (you have it from the start) you unlock a door with a computer talk to bikers. This will open the Bridgeport location (see Bridgeport).

In Bridgeport, you will find out that Jay Kukish is in Hawthorne.

Upon your arrival in Hawthorne a message from Jay will appear in your Pip-Boy. You need to take a Signal Jammer and install it on radar equipment (see Hawthorne). If the conversation with Jay Kukish does not begin after that, then you need to go to Area 51. This is a bug.

After that, a conversation with Jay begins. After the conversation you need to remember to pick up a Mysterious Device from the floor. He might say that he left it in Area 51, but this lie. It's right under his feet.

After that, go and hand in the device in Vault City. The plot will advance and you will be sent to look for the Overseer. Sometimes the script may not work if you arrive by car and immediately go to the Vault City location.

To find a ranger, you need a radar installation in Battle Mountain. You will need good karma or money for Sheriff

In Battle Mountain, you need to start the generator in the building, then try to open the door and talk to Phil, who will open the door. The computer will have information about the direction to which the Overseer was taken.

It will take the train, which stands on the railway station in Salt Lake City. How to start the train - see Salt Lake City.

A driver will be needed - this is one of those comrades who tell stories about lost work and ask to throw a job. The easiest way to find one, is the guy wearing a combat armor outside the Police Department near the entrance. He will request $1000, and the rest $ 1000 for a ticket to the Salt Lake City.

Then, the driver will be waiting for you at the hotel in the Business Center of Salt Lake City and can be sent to the railway station once everything is ready.

At the railway station, you need to start the train and you will find yourself in Blagodatnoye (see Beneficial).

Go and explore the vault, once you are finished and will come outside there will be an ambush waiting for you. It will be formed of a boss and few soldiers. Boss can be killed but will be resurrecting multiple times, if you sneak or run fast enough you can avoid the fight, it will not affect the ending. You would just meet another character in the next stage.

After leaving the railway station, a message will come that in Vault City the situation is critical and you need to rush back.

Come to Vault City and talk to the soldiers. If you are not rude, then you will be taken to the colonel peacefully. You can kill (a good ending for Vault City) or give it away (a bad ending for Vault City). After the conversation, you can start a fight, so do not rush it.

Now you have couple of options:

  • Fight the boss and the soldiers - good ending
  • Give up the device - bad ending
  • Kill two soldiers on the entrance level and sneak into the lift to the control room on level 3 and choose from two options again, both good, but slightly different.

If you go along the combat path, you will get cool partners: a robot (you must first repair it) and Sergeant Graves. If you want to make the Sergeant stronger, then when you take him into the group, put in his inventory (theft) armor and any light weapons with ammunition, in the dialogue with him press "behavior" and press the "best weapon" and "best armor" buttons that you gave him, the stronger the weapon and the stronger the armor the better, but keep in mind that he will not give them back. :-)

On the second floor in the middle room on top in a metal cabinet lies "Combat Armor".


P.S. The "Tireless" perk will make the game continuable. And there will be much more interesting. For example, it is worth looking into the BR.

If you play after end game. Partner Robot will stay with you. And sellers have a lot more weapons (including a Gauss rifle and other no less funny trunks, which previously simply did not come across).

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