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Craft[edit | edit source]

Craft items produced on benches, chemical tables and bonfires. On the workbenches upgrades and repair of weapons, the rest - all sorts of drugs and poisons. Toward the end of the game, you can get a "mobile bonfire". There are workbenches in UG, Rino (Railway), Salt Lake ( factory), (Wind of War - garage mechanics, Vegas - location - garage), Hawthorne (Railway station), maybe even where. Bonfires: Lovelock - not far from the food vendor, Reno F / D, not far from the workbench, BR - near the Smith house.

Some recipes of the fire: a doctor's briefcase (Rino), a stimulant and a super-stimulant, a curative powder, an iguana barbecue (casual encounter), a blood cleaner and a horseman (Smith in BR or witch doctor Lovelock).

Some workbench recipes: various repairs, Mickey's Revenge (raiders) - power brass knuckles, Kubotan (salt lake or Vegas) - brass knuckles - very powerful, the keys for it are made from ordinary keys or bundles for the same recipe, repair leathers on the quest from Jerlak.

Kubotan[edit | edit source]

Incomplete list of keys for kubotan: the key is at Eli-Gorbinski (GU) and the second is nearby; A bunch of B.Luy (removed from the corpse); keys in rino: striker, a girl at the luchiano ranch, a guy at the entrance to the hotel Silver, at the guard Terry at the Stryker base, the keys to the Eldorado hotel; keys in Vegas: a guy in a foil hat, a guy near the slot machines, a key from the leader of the slavers; keys in the SLS: Provo at one of the Negroes, a special key on the F / D station, a bunch of keys for the plant administrator (but then the quest will be failed). Bundles give 5 keys at once. (the keys of the brothers guarding the sister in the Wind of War are not suitable for Kubotan)

Food[edit | edit source]

Telouzhiny and noodles can be cooked on a campfire or centrifuge, well-treated hits.

Gambling[edit | edit source]

All the characters that play with you can slip the marked cards, which will increase the chance of winning. The same chip with the bones. But in Rino, on the contrary, weighted bones should be replaced with normal ones, but it should be replaced, not stolen, and then slipped.

Broken Pipboy[edit | edit source]

What is a broken peep-boy for? Gut on a workbench and upgrade your geiger counter. Then use the binoculars on yourself to see the excited.

How to repair power armor?[edit | edit source]

We need anti-radiation (NPP) and gas mask (Salt Lake, are on sale and somewhere near the lake) costumes, a pressure helmet (Zone 51), drawings of two stages (first stage - Phil in BM or Technician in BB, both stages in Zone 51). Central Processing Unit ( in Hawthorne), Autonomous System (in explosives in the shelter, you can reach without a fight, just be careful). Money, time.

What to do with the car?[edit | edit source]

Ride of course. And improve - a trader at the entrance to Vegas will tell you about a landfill where you can put headlights and an awning. The technician at Reno (F / D) will upgrade (or you can do it with Skitter). Phil (BM) will upgrade. Another upgrade is done independently by a bibliophile book from SLS. The street dog will repaint the car (if the quest is done correctly, this small guy will stand near Eldorado). And one more upgrade is made by a technician from SLS (cola plant). After finishing the main quest, a technician from the Vegas police station can upgrade the car again.

  • The upgrade to Rino, about which the gatekeeper speaks, is a divorce. Stroll straight along the road from the gatekeeper and collect paint from one of the homeless. The paint is spoiled.

  • How to fix the car? Need a subject from the location of nuclear power plants. To get it you will need a rope and a little ingenuity (there in the garage, look for a metal detector. Find some "fuel" for the future car). To learn about the car, you need to talk to the caravan in BB.

  • Why hitch appears without a car? Because the glitch. There will be a car - it will be picked up by you.

Other[edit | edit source]

Where are the bibliophile pills?[edit | edit source]

The first - in BB with a doctor. The second from the mayor of Vegas (hard to find).

Why do we need a set of young nuclear engineer, colonel's armor[edit | edit source]

(Phil biker such as a broken armor. If they both take, folded into one another. Phil truth in one of the dialogues said that he would not sell armor because practically merged, and even if you kill him, the armor will have to be pierced, it will be damaged. Maybe it needs to be killed correctly and it will not be broken? General Wesker is also the same ... that is, there are only three of them) and a servomotor? Not yet known.

Polymer plates[edit | edit source]

They are needed to improve the army-body armor from the old versions of the game (it was in Horton) and it could be given by the general Wesker for delivering a bomb to him. In this version there is no such quest, so they are useless.

I gave C-4 to Wright[edit | edit source]

... and now I need it, what to do? The easiest way to wait for the night and poison him. Steal will not work.

Where is the dog in the cafe "New Hope"?[edit | edit source]

In a cafe with dogs is impossible. But you can find a sedative for paranoid. Challenge the visitors found uniquely.

Where is the Ignition?[edit | edit source]

Nope Rip

Motorhome case[edit | edit source]

Motorhome: 65 light weapons to repair a gun. Exchange 5 flasks with water for 1 steampack (they do not go away, so steampacks can be obtained regularly). Repair 50 - engine repair. Doctor 80 to identify the disease. The engine can not be repaired but the parts can be pulled out (it will be useful to improve the car, the engine will be damaged after this manipulation). The main thing is not to talk about this later to the owner ... otherwise he will be offended and stop communicating with you. ( you can not change the water on steampaki)

A casual tanker[edit | edit source]

There is a cool gun. It's pretty simple.

Ranger post case[edit | edit source]

You can find a walkie-talkie and talk through it with the Ranger. Nothing special, but the dialogue is funny. Also here is a recipe for alcohol. There will be no machine on the location, but after leaving it, it should appear again. However, save to a separate slot. Do not come there by car a second time, otherwise the car will be lost, if you forget something there - leave the car nearby and go there on foot.

How to make a special order of the warehouse?[edit | edit source]

  • How to pick up a SoS ? No, he is no longer needed.

Which stats can be raised per pass?[edit | edit source]

Incomplete list of articles:

  • +2 endurance - champion of the ring New Reno and Vegas (if endurance is increased to 10 with chemistry, then endurance will not increase)
  • +1 strength - coach in vegas
  • +1 luck - perk "businessman" (also gives +5 to trade)
  • +1 luck - Cheyenov amulet ( if in hand)
  • +1 intelligence - perk "Private detective" (to get it you need to complete several quests for detective stories: Patrick's quests, several New Reno quests, bikers reputation quests, Vegas mayor and archivist quests. How many you need to know exactly, but get it really even in Reno before reaching Vegas).
  • Empathy Perk - purchased from a technician in Vegas
  • + 5% chance to crit - in the cafe "Hard Rock" we steal a suitcase from one of the visitors.

Skills increase often - read the passage.

List of books to improve skills (incomplete)[edit | edit source]

Black Rock[edit | edit source]

New Reno[edit | edit source]

  • In Wright’s collection - Supernauka (energy weapon)

Wind Wars[edit | edit source]

Las Vegas[edit | edit source]

  • Newspaper machine in the Clean City - the whole set (for money only)
  • Available at Maurice (2nd floor of the hotel) - Trade Journal
  • In the worker’s inventory at the Hoover Dam (in the room to the left of the quartermaster) - Dean Electronics

Salt Lake City[edit | edit source]

  • Any bibliophile in exchange for newspapers and 2 special books in exchange for tablets (see SLS).

Provo District[edit | edit source]

Caravan Hardy[edit | edit source]

NPP[edit | edit source]

Hawthorne[edit | edit source]

  • On the shelf in the building of the Railway Station - Trade Journal
  • In the desk of the administrative building (1st floor) - First Aid Book

Lovelock (radio station)[edit | edit source]

Lovelock (raiders)[edit | edit source]

Battle Mountain[edit | edit source]

Area 51[edit | edit source]

Kennel[edit | edit source]

Gracious[edit | edit source]

Picnic area (special meeting)[edit | edit source]

Cafe "New Hope" (special meeting)[edit | edit source]

  • In the inventory of one of the visitors - Book "Homo Ludens" (+2 erudition, eloquence, trading, gambling and the naturalist)

Pretty & amp ; Glamor Body Care Kit[edit | edit source]

  1. Atomic Blades - [[New Reno] ] ( Casino Eldorado), on the second floor in the most extreme room in the closet.
  1. Bath Salt - [[New Reno] ] ( Luciano Ranch), in the bathroom room (metal cabinet), opposite Luciano's office.
  1. Wipes - Battle Mountain ( Central Street), in a wardrobe in a broken hotel.
  1. Medicinal Water - [[Las Vegas] ] ( Hard Rock Cafe), at a client near the bar, gives after talking about a friend-roll.
  1. A bit of soap - Salt Lake ( Renaissance Square), the house behind the sheriff's office (in the bathroom on the floor).
  1. Towel - Salt Lake ( Business Center), in the 6th Bullet Hotel, a locked room (in a bookcase).
  1. Toothpaste - Las Vegas (Clean City), Hotel "3 Monty Maps" in the room ( also a bookcase).

+1200 experience for assembly in the machine in New Reno.

You can use it yourself and get +1 Attractive, +25 max. life , +5 Recovery rate or sell Mordino.