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One of the few, but strong and visible factions in Fallout: Nevada.

The internal structure of the faction

  • Bikers are a fraction of the free inhabitants of the Wastes, who rejected the dogmas of social life in cities and towns. They have no rigid hierarchy, no concepts of home and family values.
  • Bikers - closed grouping. Very little is known about the peculiarities of their inner life, since bikers are in no hurry to share information about themselves with the first person they meet.
  • Bikers are technologically savvy, which gives them the opportunity to survive in the conditions of the Wastes. They have a good command of weapons (especially energy weapons), use motorbikes without exception, they know the locations of the old military bases, and they apparently regularly engage in looting there. Technological skills of bikers are used by wealthy residents of the Wastes to solve their problems.
  • A significant part of bikers took an active part in the revolution of New - Rino about 7 years before the Fallout: Nevada events. After that, the new government tried to get rid of the bikers, so the relationship between them is tense.
  • The faction consists of people from various parts of the world map, but their main part comes from New - Reno.
  • To become a biker, you must pass a series of tests, including fierce baptism.
  • Apparently, bikers in the F: N world are not collected in large flocks, but live in small groups or one by one. Only when a common cause is needed, are they forced to ride bikes into one place. For the same reason, they do not have a permanent place of deployment, but there are only temporary stands.

Famous representatives

Behind the scenes

  • Most likely the prototypes of bikers in Fallout: Nevada served as "Hell's Angels". On one of the walls in the slums of New - Rino on the location of "Eldorado" drawn logo "Hell's Angels".