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List of locations[edit | edit source]


Location Detection[edit | edit source]

  • The leaders of the caravans at the sites show all residential locations that are on their way.
  • The subject "Lake Map" reveals the "fog of war" around Salt Lake City and shows the settlement Provo.
  • Ogima Black Cloud shows nuclear power plants and New - [[[Reno]].
  • Ricky the Driver shows Hawthorn.
  • In the computer in the Wind of War, you can find out the location of Zone 51
  • Merchant Tibbitts in Las Vegas can sell the coordinates of the Landfill if you come to him with a car.

Shelters[edit | edit source]

  • Refuge # 8. The story of this refuge is told in Fallout: Nevada.
  • New - Reno evacuation bunker. Citywide refuge for a short stay of a large number of people.
  • Bunker under New Town Hall - [[[Reno]]. It was built to order by the local city hall for its employees.
  • Test refuge without a number near the Wind of War.
  • Family Asylum Preserving Incorporated in Salt Lake City. The game features 3 such seekers.
  • Government asylum.
  • Referred asylum:
    • Asylum No. 53 somewhere in the Eastern United States. Mentioned in a conversation with the traveler in the meeting "Mobile Home".
    • Refuge No. 70 near Salt Lake City. Mentioned in a conversation with Mormon Patrick, but Patrick does not name the number of asylum. The number is precisely known from the canon.
    • Refuge No. 15. In earlier versions there was a special meeting in which it was possible to visit before the doors of this shelter, but it was impossible to get inside. The meeting was completely cut out from later versions.

Accidental encounter "cave with robbers"[edit | edit source]

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