Area 51

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You can find out the coordinates:

1. In the Wind of War in a computer in the next room after General Wesker.

2. If you persuade the daughter of the archivist from Salt Lake City to return home, then her father will allow you to examine his computer.

3 If you help the New Vegas caravan traders (who were attacked by raiders, but actually soldiers), he will tell you where Zone 51 is.

Description[edit | edit source]

Aliens shuffle nearly everywhere on the base, you can find out about it in the Wind of War computer near the radio operators. The base is remarkable in that it is made in the image of fiction. The key place is the A-5 hangar: there are many aliens. In the hangar you can see a flying saucer. There is an alien blaster from Fallout 1-2. It is better to have M3 metal armor and a Bob Nile pistol (you can assault rifle). The aliens have 200-300 HP each and have very strong armor against most damage except fire (same as in Fallout 2). There is a flamer in the middle of the hangar bay when you first enter. You can find the helmet needed to assemble the power armor here.