Black Rock

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A small settlement several cells southeast of the City of Refuge.

Population[edit | edit source]

Black Rock is predominantly populated by refugees from New Reno, who failed to settle down in a big city for various reasons. Because of this feature, an ideological conflict is ripening within the community. On the one hand, Wilmut strives to make the community open so that any people can begin life anew here. On the other hand, game quests demonstrate to the player what kind of people come to Black Rock and why. These are mainly those who run from problems - former prostitutes, raiders, dealers, slaves, debtors.

Currently, the settlement is run by two leaders, William and Justin.

History of the settlement[edit | edit source]

About 5-10 years before the events of F: N, old Jed settled here, who decided to meet old age here alone. However, they soon found out about him in Rino and several families decided to follow the example of the old man. They made their homes from scrap metal piles, which remained in the valley of the pre-war festival exhibition.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Black Rock is a desert in Nevada, occupying a vast valley. The annual festival is held here "Burning Man". Template:Locations