Las Vegas

From Fallout: Nevada

City southeast map of the world, one of the largest cities in Fallout: Nevada. In earlier versions, it was called New Vegas, but in version 0.99c it was renamed to its pre-war name - Las Vegas.


  1. Parking caravans:
    1. Caravan parking
    2. Garage
    3. Undermine
  2. Clean city
  3. Cafe "Hard Rock"
  4. Dead Motel
  5. City of slaves
  6. Hoover Dam

Local celebrated quests

  1. Investigate the latest crimes in the city commissioned by the mayor
  2. Find and return the missing daughter to the archivist
  3. Sam Phillips accused of spreading poison
    1. Antiquest: Help the police send Sam Phillips to hard labor
  4. Find excuse for geeks
    1. Antiquest: Exorcism
    2. Antiquest: Putting the drug into the hotel of geeks unnoticed
  5. Get Bob Neal's name pistol for Wallis
    1. Antiquest: Bob Neal made a counter offer
  6. Solve the working problem at Hoover Dam
  7. Investigate the attack on the caravan "High-Speed ​​Hawk"
  8. Help slaves to escape from the pen
  9. (0.99с) </ sup> Helping Eric to save his brother Gareth from the slave pen
  10. (0.99s) </ sup> Catch Norman at the Monty Casino
  11. Lay in the police Black Caravan
  12. Become a legendary champion of the ring in Vegas
  13. Infiltrate the Vegas drug lab
  14. Build a direct line of delivery of cola kernels to Vegas


  1. This city was created by the developer before the release of the game Fallout New Vegas, so there are discrepancies between these games. In particular, in the Fallout universe: Nevada neither Mr. House nor the Lucky 38 casino are mentioned, although the city center is also fenced with an external wall and is somewhat similar to the Strip from FNV.
  2. "Hard Rock Cafe" - a real cafe-bar network worldwide. This cafe in Las Vegas was built in the early 1970s, and the developers authenticly recreated the advertising console in the form of a guitar and design of the main entrance. (Do not confuse a cafe with another Vegas establishment - an entertainment hotel-gambling complex Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Paradise).
  3. In earlier versions, the area Hoover Dam did not match its name, as the dam itself was not shown there, and the map was just one of the dam's substations. In version 0.99c, the map was completely redrawn, and the district began to correspond to its name.