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Description[edit | edit source]

Settlement of an Indian tribe Cheyenne, migrated here from another region of America and settled near the ruins of the pre-war settlement Lovelock (real settlement in Nevada). The living conditions in the settlement are practically “stuck” at the level of the Stone Age and it looks wildly even by post-nuclear measures, which is connected with the fundamental disregard of members of the tribe for the achievements of civilization. The basis of the economic life of the settlement based on agriculture and hunting. The settlement is regularly subjected to raids by raiders Big Louis, who settled on the ruins of Lovelock and actually parasitized the tribe. At the same time, local raiders also perform the function of a “roof” for the Indians, protecting the tribe from attacks by other raider groups.

Note: Prior to version 1.00, the location was called "Cheyenne."

Areas[edit | edit source]

'Village' [edit | edit source]

A camp of Cheyenne Indians who moved here from another region after the Great War. Now the tribe exists under the auspices of the raiders, who practically made them their slaves. It is a small tent settlement, located next to the old water tower.

'Base Raiders' [edit | edit source]

The base of the raiders, located in a two-story building in the middle of the ruins of a small pre-war town Lovelock. Next to the building are the remains of a welcome sign Lovelock.

Plantations' [edit | edit source]

The territory with planting corn, which grows the tribe. On the edge of the plantations, the level of the launch vehicle dropped, its toxic fuel caused plant mutations, making them predatory and dangerous, which is why the tribe cannot harvest in this part of the map. There is also a shepherd and several brahmins on the map. A shepherd can sometimes exchange useful things such as cartridges and roots.

'Radio Station' [edit | edit source]

Lovelock Radio Station, located in the mountains near the tribal settlement. Because of the mountains and the collapse of the main antenna, only local Indians know about the station. They use its enclosed area for rituals.

Related quests[edit | edit source]

Tribe quests[edit | edit source]

  1. Eliminate Raiders
  2. Eliminate the boss raiders
  3. Clear plantations from predatory plants
  4. Repair the water tank
  5. Perform an operation on Macon ohm
  6. Return the doctor's backpack Niskigvan a

Raiders boss quests[edit | edit source]

  1. Infiltrate the protected area of ​​the base Hawthorne
  2. Bring tribute to Stryker from New Reno
  3. Punish a traitor named Bald Maxson
  4. Punish a fraud dealer in New Reno
  5. Arrange boss raiders on stage

Other quests[edit | edit source]

  1. Organize a drug mini-lab
  2. Bring a raider named Mold to death from various drugs

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

Ogima Black Cloud - Indian Chief

Niskigvan Ruffled Feathers

Avangizhig Foggy Day


Makozid Bear Paw

Huck Hawk

Macon's Bear




Big Louis - the leader of the raiders

The Fast and the Furious

Zhiryuga Jackson


Useful finds and other features[edit | edit source]

  1. In the village, you can draw water from the well.
  2. Behind the fence opposite the base of the raiders there is a cache - a skeleton with useful items. You need to blow up the boards in the fence to get there. It is also possible to overcome the fence with a high force or mount.
  3. Based on the raiders on the second floor is " Ignition". (Cut out in version 0.99c and later)
  4. In version 1.01 on the second floor, in the table, lies the recipe Revenge of Mickey.
  5. By becoming a raider, you can rape a cook Omakaki.
  6. Zhiryuga Jackson and the healer Niskigvan can make medicines when providing components.
  7. At the radio station in the administrator’s office in a safe there is a case with documents that can be given to the security chief City of Refuge for additional experience.
  8. With Afterburner you can play cards. The number of wins is limited. Afterburner latest bet is a unique afterburner.
  9. If you refuse to cooperate with the raiders in a dialogue with their leader, the hero can be led to the ring, where two raiders and the boss of the raiders will be as rivals. In the event of a victory over the boss in such conditions, the hero will receive a +1 bonus to Endurance. If you win outside the ring, the hero will not receive the bonus.
  10. In version 0.99b (no data for other versions), the character Makozid Bear Paw can learn how to remove gecko hides. For learning is given 750 experience. There is a bug where you can learn an infinite number of times, each time gaining experience.
  11. In version 1.01, on the base of the raiders, you can remove the Worn jacket from the rope for drying clothes, and to the right is Shovel.

See also[edit | edit source]

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