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One of the actual leaders of New Reno at the time of visiting the city of [[[The Wanderer | The Wanderer]].

Versions of different versions[edit | edit source]

In versions 0.99a and 0.99b is called Tommygun (or simply Tommy), armed with PP Thompson (aka "Tommy Gun"), possesses a voluminous head and corresponds to the image of an ordinary Russian gopnik or modern American street hooligan-youngsters. Character nasty, surly, impatient, hysterical. It has only one quest to capture the family of the owner of the hotel. Makes chemicals.

In versions 0.99c is referred to as Mr. Thompson, armed with a special energy weapon, has a volumetric head, different from previous versions and corresponds to the classic image of the gangster of the times of the “Great Depression”. Character discreet. It has its own line of quests. The dialogue is completely rewritten. In fact, this is already a new character, only with some details resembling Tommigan from previous versions.

Thompson's volume head in 0.99c.