Anti-radiation suit

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Location[edit | edit source]

The only copy in the game is in a closet in a warehouse (a large locked room) NPP "Poseidon Oil".

Inside the nuclear power plant, we pass along the right edge behind the yellow doors, a little higher in the room there will be a box built into the wall, which is hard to crack. It contains a map from the red doors. After hacking the computer, we go into the reactor from the corpse and take the key to the warehouse, which is located in the same location upstairs from the entrance, in a room with tables and racks. There's a costume along with other interesting items.

The room with the shelves can also be opened without a map using an electronic lockpick. The master key must be in the hands and used on the door from the hands.


In addition to its direct use to protect the wearer from radiation, the item is also used as a component in the formation of the power Armor "Bear".