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Description[edit | edit source]

A small community in the Black Rock valley. The founder of the community is a former caravan guard from New Reno named Gerlach, who left the city for the sake of creating a new settlement based on the principles of collective work and mutual assistance. After some time, other inhabitants of the wastelands joined him. Basically, they were the same fugitives from New Reno who did not find happiness and success in the big city.

The community is a small but fairly stable peasant settlement. The economic basis of which, as well as throughout the wasteland, is the cultivation of Brahmins and the cultivation of crops. The brutal laws of the wastelands impose a shade on the life of the small peasant settlement. Despite the fact that everyone who works for the good of the community can count on a piece of bread here, any offenses are punished severely. The most severe type of punishment here is the death penalty by burning at the stake.

Recently, the dwellers of Vault City have taken an interest in luring people of the community to themselves in order to use them as cheap and expendable labor(i.e. slaves).

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]




Smiley (before his death)

Smiley's wife