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Harrelson-gul is an old man whose location can be told by the Quoc brothers in Salt Lake City. First, we see a cave, at the entrance to which, there are stakes, with corpses impaled on them, and a Yader-Cola truck. The entrance to the cave is mined. Inside - traps that can be circumvented by adhering to the far wall, then a puddle of radioactive waste, which can also be avoided without harm to themselves. He's keeping a caged man from Salt Lake City! In his machine with Yader-Cola there are 36 bottles of Yader-Cola and 36 pieces of dried meat, in the fridge 666 bucks and a Laser Pistol. In the boxes of dynamite sticks, boots, shovels and more.

The optimal tactic is to stand behind the door, to make a step-shot-step combination back to the shelter at every turn. Despite the high rate of the speech, the problem was not solved peacefully.