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Warning[edit | edit source]

This page contains spoilers, descriptions of various bugs and exploits. Use the information wisely.

Source: google docs.

Posted by MS-708[edit | edit source]

You can finish the last quest Bertolini, so that it does not affect the passage of other bosses. To do this, simply do not kill the mole or kill the mole and lie in the final dialogue that Hughie did it himself and voluntarily (but then Hugh will send you through the forest). There will be no status & quot ; Consileri Bertolini & quot; BUT you get 1000 experience and money for the quest itself. This option does not affect the mission of Lucciano.

New Reno. Thompson vs Striker.[edit | edit source]

  • You can take the first task of Thompson if you completed no more than one quest for Stryker. Thompson takes offense after completing Stryker's second quest. It does not depend on the progress of the quests of Thompson himself, i.e. he sends even if he has already given the quest to destroy the Stryker base.
  • You can take the first task of Stryker, if you completed no more than one quest for Thompson. If the first quest was completed and the second one was taken, then Stryker allows you to complete three of your quests, regardless of the progress of Thompson's quests. But then, if HS is working for Thompson (he did more than one quest), he sends.

Interesting[edit | edit source]

  • If you complete the first Stryker quest, then take the second Stryker quest, but do NOT, then you will have an additional 1000 bucks or chemicals on your hands (10 stimulants are made from the chemicals on the workbench ). At the same time Thompson is not offended. And Stryker will be dead after all Thompson's quests have been completed, so you won’t have to account for the money.
  • You can complete quests in such a manner that both Stryker and Thompson will be offended and you will not be able to complete any of the branches of the quests.
  • The Ring of New Reno (under the casino of Eldorado), at the entrance the bartender Mitchell, behind him the door, behind the door lies an energy fist and a supply of batteries, and a little more ...
  • Stealth 70% did not work - Mitchell sees and gives a warning ... How to get through: Apply alcohol on Mitchell, 5 bottles of moonshine were enough Turn on stealth, 42% was enough, maybe it will turn out to be at a significantly lower value. When you open the door to the back room, Mitchell will still turn, but keep silent. Nuance, if you talk to him immediately after the & quot; & quot ;, watered the effect of alcohol is reset.
  • How to save on dynamite in the second quest of Luciano: You buy one bunch of dynamite, you ask the mechanic to disassemble, you have separate checkers on your hands. Costs: 1000 bucks, instead of 1800, plus three checkers in the balance.

Water Pump Fuses[edit | edit source]

  • Free water pump fuse. After visiting Gerlach and clarifying their problems with the pump, return to Vault City and speak to the captain who gave the quest to investigate Gerlach. Inform him of the results, stating that they are all assholes and murderers. He will offer to poison the community. Agree; at the same time there will be a point in the dialogue about their problems with water supply. The chief will issue a fuse and a vial of poison (which, by the way, can be used to assassinate NPCs). Speak again with the captain and say that you refuse to perform this inhumane task. After that, you can again talk with him about the situation with Gerlach and choose the option saying they are a worthy community. He will offer to take them into indentured servitude. After this, you can complete the quest by sending the inhabitants of Gerlach towards VC. You may want to complete all the town's quests before sending the residents to work for VC.
  • A fuse can also be obtained in VC by talking with the supplier in the warehouse and then with the head of the correctional center, telling him that you need one to promote foreign policy goals (negative karma).
  • You can get a fuse from the technician at the railway station in New Reno, either by paying 300 dollars for it, or by solving his dog problem.
  • There is also a copy at the Poseidon Oil NPP. As a result, you can get at least three fuses.

Posted by LeonMcBane

Pickpocketing Experience : Pickpocketing gives experience as follows; 10 for the first item, 20 for the second, 30 for the third, etc. so long as you don't leave the steal screen between items. Thus the totals go up 10, 30, 60, 100... A thief with a high steal skill may be able to steal money from someone one coin at a time in order to gain a large amount of experience. This is limited to 7 items per session and a maximum of 280 experience

Posted by Mihail Denisov[edit | edit source]

= Theft at Ed's Electrical Engineering on Hoover Dam =[edit | edit source]

If you have Stealth Boy then you can steal a lot of interesting things from the little room. Do not forget to include stealth :-), when you open the door, he will announce the fight and run away (do not worry) ... get out of the fight and steal whatever you want without removing the stealth. get out of his room and stealth can be removed. A technician will behave as usual and nothing will be taken away from everything and even karma will not decrease.

All the same is done under the usual secrecy. Turn it on, go to a certain point next to the door to the warehouse (the technician turns away), open the door and go. Technician scorches, activates the combat mode and runs away. We finish the battle (without leaving the secrecy), then you can safely turn off the stealth mode and rummage around all the cabinets. Just. So it will turn out only with a good stealth, and if you have a bad one, then it will run to attack you and without such stealth fight it will not work. (I do not know which one I need. I had 20 and he, without Stealth-Boy, fired me into a light one). ( who made the changes write what secrecy is needed)

Want to get a M72 Gauss rifle?[edit | edit source]

'WARNING , Killing Sheriff affects the ending for SLS'  !!

The easiest way to kill the Sheriff after you go by train to the Government Refuge is after you have sent your partner - the driver from the hotel, to the train. Then the Sheriff stands in the middle of the street and if only 1 policeman comes running up to attack him. After the murder, none of the police and the local is not aggressive.

(Gauss appears in Phil on sale after passing through Government asylum)

She is at the Sheriff's SLS (if you still take the “Killing Sheriff” quest from the leader of the gangsters in the Provo area, you will receive $ 20,000 for this). For simplicity, it is advisable that you have Stealth Boy. If you have a good stealth, you can do without it, some powerful weapon or noose (will work only with good stealth and do not get an ex) or a grenade launcher and tactical missile to help you with this guaranteed Gauss. First, do all the quests at the Sheriff. Go into his little room and get up from where it will be more convenient for you to attack, but not in front of the entrance and in the wall there is a window in front of him, too, you don’t need to get up (or the other policemen will burn you). Turn on stealth and activate stealth (I had 42%). If you are without a tactical missile, you need a little confusion (although it can lead and work out the first time). SAVE. You need to kill the Sheriff with one move, he has 170-210 hits (I shot in the sniper mode in the eyes) and get out of the fight (sometimes you have to skip one turn after the murder, but this does not change anything), the Police will not pay any attention to it ( -5 karma +500 exp and gauss gan! + 50 rounds for him at the Sheriff and 50 rounds at the table) You can kill with two moves, but the run-up policemen will block your exit and will not move away to any of them. We will have to kill another 1-2 policemen -5 karma for each and a chance to burn. If you then talk to Stephen Kwok at the “Business Center” location, this is a weapon seller, then he will teach you to make ammunition for Gauss for $ 200 (you can learn without getting Gauss).

You can just steal. Conditions - fully assembled "power" armor, stealth fight from Site 51, many lechilok to survive in the process. DO NOT IN ANYONE SHOOT AND DO NOT BEING ANYONE!


1. To steal ammunition from all police officers.

2. Put the sheriff some charged weak weapon, some ammunition (the latter, perhaps, optional).

3. Outside the police station, from the side of the wall behind which the sheriff stands, it is unsuccessful to put / steal passers-by who are often passing there (something large and heavy is good for this), thereby starting a step-by-step battle. The sheriff will pull the gun and run away from his office. On the next move, turn on the stealth skill and stealth fight, press the button to stop the fight, you may need to run around the corner so that you do not see it. The fight must end. Take from the table in the sheriff's office cartridges to gauss. Steal from the sheriff are the same, which he apparently shifted from the hands in exchange for a planted weapon. To steal ammunition from other police officers, if they appeared.

4. Again, start the battle unsuccessfully by placing something to the passerby. Now the most difficult thing is to survive until the police shoot all their ammunition and start kicking and kicking, including the sheriff (he has 20 rounds in a gauss rifle), transferring the useless weapon to the reserve. Here you need to be careful, watch out so that they are not surrounded by hopelessly, you can stand at the cab of the car, in the end leave the terrain after leaving it, or put one or two cartridges, or some weak weapon with suitable cartridges beforehand. After the sheriff starts to fight hand-to-hand - to run away.

5. Return (no one will be hostile) and steal weapons from all policemen!

Free Sawed-Off[edit | edit source]

A shotgun can be stolen from the hunter Evan in Gerlach, which he will then modify into a sawed-off for free once his gecko hunting quests have been completed.

'Addendum:' There is a barter/inventory bug with all NPCs. Start a dialogue with the NPC. Click "Barter" and put any NPC thing on the counter and do not buy out of the dialogue. And for some reason, NPC removes an equipped item and puts it into his inventory! Sometimes these are weapons, like with Evan, or ammo etc. As has been said - "Search and find" :-)

How to kill everyone in Provo[edit | edit source]

In Provo to complete the quest for the removal of all, easier than it seems. It is easier to kill the steamy turnip using the hacking skill (I had 80% + master keys - were closed 1 time). The gangsters are all sitting in different rooms, you need to lock all the doors with a hacking skill or a master key (you will receive additional expo for closing doors). The gangsters themselves can not open the doors. Tear one clean and move on to the next ... until all is finished.

Another way is to simply add poison & quot ; konovale & quot; into the well in the Provo territory, then dump outside the location, wait for a day or two, then return and & quot; voila! & quot; - all the bandits are poisoned, you get 300 experiments and just go and collect the loot and the bandits, which you then hand over to the sheriff for the money.

Bits of Advice[edit | edit source]

1. Doctor and First Aid are good skills to use from the start of the game, since they give both healing and XP.

3. Unload weapons before upgrading them, since upgraded weapons come fully loaded. Additional cartridges will never hurt ;-)

4. Newspapers - found so far that only these:

a) In the Las Vegas City Hall (in "Clean City") on the second floor near the archivist.

b) In a newspaper machine in the SLC "Slums," across from Stapleton's house. The box can be opened with a crowbar.

c) In Battle Mountain in the Central Street location in a large building, a closet in a locked room.

"Newspapers" will be very useful to you in SLC. HIGHLY!

5. Try as quickly as possible to find a random location "Tanker in the desert". It is found in a small desert between the “Harrelson” location and the lake next to SLC. What for? When you find all the questions will disappear. This is just awesome! O_o

6. The earned perk "Businessman" gives +1 LK and +5% Barter. To acquire this make at least four deals for the distribution of Nuka Cola from Salt Lake City. In New Reno - the restaurant across from the Silver Legacy hotel, and the Cotton Cafe, behind the El Dorado casino. Wind of War - make a deal with the quartermaster. Las Vegas - convince Sam Phillips of the Hard Rock Cafe. You need a license from the Nuka Cola factory in SLC to act as an authorized dealer. It is not necessary to actually supply cola, but you can make profit by stocking vending machines and checking them later.

7. Never use the drug "painkiller." It gives a small temporary boost to DR, but subtracts one hit point permanently.

8. If using “Stunt” or “coin on a string” to steal 20 bottles from machine guns with Nuclear-Coke, you will get the skill “Cola-maniac” theft + 5%.

9. Perk points can be saved up across levels, so you can use saved points from early levels to buy powerful high level perks later. Just close the perk selection popup while in the character screen to save the perk point.

10. In Las Vegas, in a casino, you can safely poison "Konoval" casino guards and security guards of Wal Wallis. They do not react to it in any way, it is not even necessary to approach in secrecy. Each requires 2 pieces. Get 10mm submachine guns, + ammo from each. Karma is neither taken away, nor added, and exes also do not give.

Infinite Dynamite![edit | edit source]

This is a real bug, but useful. In the Wind of War, technician Anderson collects a bunch of dynamite from 1 (one) checkers! and breaks a bunch of 5 (five) checkers! This is an endless receiving of dynamite bundles. Use ... if conscience allows :-)

Dmitry Merinov 'took advantage of the bug and after 50+ fights, the attitude to him in BB rose to "God-Create", the technician, doctor and trader on all goods and services made a discount.

How to get unique good in Battle Mountain[edit | edit source]

For this you need to take with you sticks of dynamite or better plastique. It is necessary in stealth (with Stealth Boy, even better) to put the bikers (not Phil!) Activated explosives in inventory (set the time to the maximum). They are cool and you need to put from 6 to 8 sticks or 3-5 plastiques (depending on the skill of sabotage). It is not necessary to put everything at once, put one or two at a time and save as often as possible. How do you run away from the location on the next ( better not use the car '*' ). Wait there in Pip-Boy for 10 minutes. A biker will explode and die (an explosion often kills other nearby bikers, this saves explosives), but no one will be offended by you and karma will not be a minus. You can thus kill all the bikers standing there. They have plasma pistols and unique cold weapons "Chain bikers" (but you can just steal it). (For those who are curious, in order to undermine Phil, you need to put 19 sticks + 3 plastiques on him and that may not be enough. He has a plasma gun and door remote. I strongly advise against this. Can cause glitches.

  • * '- It does not harm, but the corpses will disappear and have to collect everything from the ground. This is very inconvenient. blood stains make it difficult to collect loot. We'll have a week somewhere to ride so that the spots disappeared

Harrelson's Easy Win (Harrelson Location)[edit | edit source]

A ghoul guarding his treasures has many hits and in his hands Pankor Dzhekhammer, the battle near is very dangerous. So that without problems to destroy him, you know, he is a little crazy and never! does not go out of his little room. You need to get up in the doorway at the entrance. Shoot a gul and move left or right from the entrance 1 step. the ghoul will not follow you, but will not be able to shoot at you. On the next turn - step into the opening, shot, departure one step from the opening. So it will be necessary to act - they shot, moved away, the next move, approached, shot, moved away. So you can fill up a ghoul without losing one hit.

Lovelock. How to save poison if you want to poison the raiders[edit | edit source]

There is a small pony bug. To poison the raiders with a tank of water you need 3 (three) poison pieces [[[Konoval]] ”, it is quite expensive at first and spend 3 (three) at once - sorry. But if you take poison in each hand and leave one in your backpack. That poisoning will still work, and the poison that was in your hands will remain with you. ie. Only 1 (one) of the inventory will be spent instead of 3 (three). Savings however :-)

Author Zhenya Nazar[edit | edit source]

At a nuclear power plant, in order to earn more experience, you can kill 4 robots and get 960 points (the fifth one, which you don’t touch near the reactor), and then 75 to break the console with erudition and get another 1,200 experience.