Super 8

From Fallout: Nevada

A unique deathclaw introduced in F:N version 0.99c.

Super 8 can only be found in a random encounter on the world map after Drifter kills all deathclaws in the Warwind Sanctuary. Accordingly, the meeting takes place in the vicinity of this settlement.


  • Super 8 is the only talking deathclaw in the game. Even his brethren in the sanctuary don't say a word.
  • His characteristic hissing growl is associated with deathclaws in Fallout Tactics.
  • This is the most dangerous death claw in the game.

Behind the Scenes

Super 8 is an obvious reference to the Steven Spielberg movie "Super 8". As in the movie, the mutant hates people for the experiments that were carried out on him. The character's detailed in-game description reads: "Before you is a monster with an intimidating look. "Super 8" is burned into his forehead, and hatred for all people is felt in his eyes."