Ted Bundy

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The brutal maniac who shook his New Reno crimes. Periodically, he attacks the dancers from the nightclub Mommashi, which made him a local legend. A specific feature of his crimes is a maniacal passion for the eyes, which he cuts from his victims and takes with him.

The character is only available when playing a female character.

Ted's story[edit | edit source]

Ted's past is rather foggy. It is known that he once worked as a security guard at the Mamasha nightclub, where he met Suzy. Most likely his feelings for her were serious, but the unbearable despotic character forced the girl to leave the guy and flee the city. Then he fell into retirement and lost his job at the club. After some time, when everyone forgot about Ted, the attempts on the dancers of Mamas began.

The hulk will face Ted in the courtyard "Eldorado" after her penultimate dance at a nightclub. He will be armed " The Ripper" and immediately attack with a cry "" Ted Bundy came for your eyes, baby! "" After the murder of a maniac, a photo of his ex-girlfriend will be revealed on his body - [ one of the former dancer Moms. According to her, the Husband can investigate and find Suzy.

Ted's Residence[edit | edit source]

Previously, Ted lived in a slum opposite the Silver Legacy Hotel. The current residents of the house are not even aware of who lived here before them. After selling the house (apparently, it happened after the disappearance of his girlfriend or the loss of work), he moved to a deaf area New Reno - to the train station. The current home of Ted looks pretty shabby and does not represent anything special. However, the surprise will be that the Skiladitsa can find Ted in the fridge during her investigation. There will be eyes cut by a maniac from their victims. Among these remains, the Wanderer will find evidence that will help her find Suzy.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Ted Bundy is a real historical figure (see [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Bundy (Wikipedia description)). The character may be a namesake or use the name as a nickname (which is more likely).