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Consumables used in the repair of broken equipment and the creation of new items of inventory.

Location[edit | edit source]

  • One piece can be dismantled from a special object - technology dump.
  • Available from technicians in the Wind of War and New Reno, as well as some merchants.
  • It can be found with Metal Detector.
  • Occurs in various locations.
  • With the skill "Repair"> = 40 can be removed from a broken car in the garage near the nuclear power plant.

Use on a workbench[edit | edit source]

The item is used as a component for work on the workbench:

  • Improved cartridge press
  • Creating "stuff"
  • Repair mysterious blaster
  • Repair broken radios
  • Create weapons "Revenge Mickey"
  • Onboard computer repair
  • Repair broken laser gun
  • Repair broken pump shotgun Nelson
  • Kubot creation
  • Making 2 mm needles

Use in repairs[edit | edit source]

  • Scrap metal along with other items ordered caravan in Salt Lake City.
  • Can be used instead of a fuse for repairing the hydraulic pump in the community of Jerlak.
  • Required to repair the generator on the radio station in Lovelock (without checking the skill "Repair").
  • Required for self-repair of the Indians water collector at Lovelock.
  • Required for Mr. Thompson’s gunsmith in New Reno.
  • Required for repairing a broken rolbara in the Clean City in Las Vegas.
  • Required to repair broken equipment in a substation in Zone 51.